Monday, May 25, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 5.23.09 - FIRE BEFORE MAYHEM!!!

The show opens to about the 130 fans eagerly awaiting what could possibly happen the week before the biggest show of the year for EWE.

Commissioner Dustin Baker comes out to make an announcement before the first match concerning the passing of Tim Robertson, also known as “Tank”. Baker leads the crowd into a moment of silence, then Mark Tipton delivers the ten bell salute as a picture of Tank is displayed on the big screen.

Christian Jacobs def. Rockin’ Randy via pinfall. After the match, Chris O’Neal comes to the ring to help his partner celebrate. The lights go dark and a video starts playing on the monitor. Brian Thompson and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony come on screen, telling Picture Perfect that they will not be tag team champions after next week at MAYHEM. Chris O’Neal grabs the mic and begins to deliver a message to Midnight Gold. He says that he doesn’t like Golden Boy, but when he’s in the ring, he is dangerous, and Beautiful Bobby Eaton is a tag team legend. He says they may consider themselves the best of the best, but they’re not picture perfect. Chris says next Saturday night is MAYHEM, and next week, Midnight Gold will know why it’s called MAYHEM. He says when things get going, when the fans start screaming when their music hits, it will be just that. They will know how much the tag team titles mean to the fans and to them, and how hard they’re willing to fight to keep them. He tells Golden Boy to make all the promises he can, but he better hope that his promises are the only thing that will be broken. Christian Jacobs grabs the mic and says that next week is more than just the titles and being the best, next week, Picture Perfect will become legendary.

Flash Flanagan def. Chad Badd via pinfall. After the match, Badd takes a cheap shot on Flanagan, but Flash heads to the back and comes back with a steel chair and gives Chad a hard hit to the back. He calls Dustin Starr out to the ring. Starr comes out, saying there’s no hard feelings, that he won the Elite 8 title fair and square, giving him the chance to go head to head against Stan Lee for the EWE Heavyweight Championship. He tells Flash to put the chair down, that he has something he wants to discuss. He says that there has been a lot going on, and a lot of things that have been happening, but when he defeats Stan Lee at MAYHEM, if Flash doesn’t interfere with his match, Starr will give Flash the first shot at it. Flash asks the fans if he should stay out of his business, and a roar comes from the crowd “NO!”. Then Flash begins an attack on Starr, but Chad Badd comes from behind to grab the steel chair from his hand before it hits Starr. Dustin grabs something from his pocket right before Flash turns around, and just as Flash turns around, Starr throws a FIREBALL at Flash, burning his face and causing him to fall to the mat instantly. Starr makes his escape as Jon Michael comes to Flash’s aid. They take a wet towel to Flash’s face and rush him to the back.

Dustin Starr comes back out afterwards to host another installment of the “Five Starr Showcase”. He says that to offer Flash a chance at the belt, but he has to listen to all the fans. He says it doesn’t matter if Flash has a steel chair, kendo stick, or even a machine gun, the fact of the matter is that he is going to MAYHEM to take the belt. Starr says that he has a very special guest on the 5 Starr Showcase tonight, and introduces Scott Adams. He asks what he looks forward to more, having his hand raised or finishing the job. Adams says that Michael should have never asked for a No Holds Barred match. Starr asks Adams what he wants to do to him, and Adams says that he intends on powerbombing Michael through a table. Starr asks if Stan Lee has the guts to show up at MAYHEM, and ask Adams begins a reply, Lee comes out and begins attacking Starr. Scott Adams grabs Lee’s head and starts to squeeze, but Jon Michael comes back out and grabs the steel chair, forcing Adams and Starr to the arena floor. Stan Lee and Jon Michael call for Adams and Starr to get in the ring, but they won’t go. Lee calls for a tag team match with Jon Michael and Stan Lee against Dustin Starr and Scott Adams. Commissioner Baker comes out and gives them the match as the main event of the evening.

Tatt2 def. Storm via pinfall. J.R. Manson comes out after the match and grabs the belt from the referee as the team of Wicked and Storm hold Tatt2. J.R. goes to strike Tatt2, but Tatt2 manages to get away from The Regulators and J.R. strikes both Wicked and Storm as Tatt2 escapes the ring. Commissioner Baker comes out as Tatt2 heads to the back, and says that there will be a lumberjack match between J.R. and Ike Tucker, and that Tatt2 will be one of the lumberjacks.

Genocide comes to the ring demanding Premiere Brutality come to the ring. Chad Badd limps to the ring saying that he just got off the phone with the tag team of Premiere Brutality, and has a message for Genocide. A video starts to play on the screen, and it’s Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels reminding Genocide how they left them laying in the ring a couple of weeks ago. They say that they think it’s crazy that Genocide wants a match with them at MAYHEM, but next week will not be any different than the last time they left Genocide laying. The Albino Rhino says that Premiere Brutality wants to talk about strategy, but Rhino has their strategy, and that’s 700 pounds of kick-ass. He says that he doesn’t want a match with Premiere Brutality, he wants a funeral. Maxx Corbin turns to Chad Badd and tells him to deliver two messages back to Wayne and Nikels. The first is that people are more famous when they’re dead, then they slam Badd to the mat and leave the arena.

Wicked comes over to Mark Tipton and says that he just witnessed his partner get cheated, and he makes an open challenge to anyone in the back for a match right now. Chris O’Neal comes out, the bell rings, and O’Neal gives Wicked the “Over Exposure” and sends him down for the 3 count.

The EWE superstars begin making their way to ringside for the lumberjack match between J.R. Manson and Ike Tucker. After Manson gets some help from some of the lumberjacks, he scores the pinfall to earn the victory over Ike Tucker.

Scott Adams and Dustin Starr make their way to the ring for their tag team match between Stan Lee and Jon Michael. As soon as Stan Lee’s music hits, Lee and Michael run to the ring and begin their assault. The bell rings with all four competitors in the ring at the same time, then spilling out onto the arena floor, the announcers table, and even into the bleachers. The chaos is calmed only for a minute as Scott Adams and Jon Michael are the only competitors in action, but as Adams and Michael go at it in the corner, Starr goes after Lee once again in his corner. All-out chaos unfolds after that, with Starr and Lee going all over the EWE arena. Starr slams Lee down on the announcers table, breaking it in two. After a few minutes of all out insanity, the referee finally calls for the bell, stating no contest in the match. After a while, the EWE superstars come back out to help restrain the four men. They each manage to get away from each other for just a minute to gain that one extra hit. Fights break out between other superstars in the ring before it’s finally broken up by security and Commissioner Baker. After a few words between everyone on both sides, everyone slowly manages to work their way to the back.

For complete video, including footage shot directly in the middle of the action in both the lumberjack match and the insanity during the Adams-Starr and Lee-Michael match, head over to Also, as a reminder to everyone attending MAYHEM, don’t forget to bring your strap for the Fans Strap Match between J.R. Manson and Tatt2. Tickets will be sold at the door. If you bought an all-day pass, the festivities begin at 12 noon. Bell time is 7:00PM. Be sure to get to the arena early to grab your favorite seat!