Saturday, May 23, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, 5.16.09 - Never Say Never - DK Debuts!!

Pre-Show was an emotional 10 bell salute for Tank. Such wrestlers as Bonecrusher, Crazytrain, Phoenix X and the NBW Roster among others were around ringside for this.

R.I.P. Tank

Show opened w/ Mark Justice Appreciation Night. Mark came to the ring and was about to get on the mic to say a few words when NBW Official Troy came to ringside and whispered something in NBW Announcer Antonio Anderson's ear. Antonio said Mark had a surprise and the music was cued up. To everyone's surprise Jimmy "Nothing But The Truth" Tidwell came to the ring. Jimmy gave Mark a lifetime achievement award but said 1 thing was wrong, there was no NBW management out to honor the Champion Mark Justice, this made Mark upset and he headed to the dressing room to get them and as he got to the door the lights went down and Jon Michael's music hit! Michael came out and he and Mark brawled a bit and Mark bailed, Jon Michael then declared himself number 1 contender. Tim Davis then came out and got his hands on Auburn Thunder until Jimmy Tidwell came in the ring and broke it up.

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore def. "The Real Deal" Neil Taylor after a quick roll-up in about 5 mins.

Next was Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock's birthday bash! The XOW guys offered Jimmy alot of bogus gifts that really upset Jimmy, things like a 1 year Gym subscription etc... Tim Davis came to the ring and said He also had some surprises for Jimmy, He said alot of old WOWF guys sent in birthday wishes. But there was more, Davis had a present for Blaylock. Davis ordered the big door to be opened and there was a fed-ex truck there. They pulled a huge box out of the back and as Jimmy went to open it, He instead made Jason "The Brain" open it. Out of the box came former WOWF owner Jim Princeton w/ a pie to the face on Jason! Davis said He told Jimmy he would make his life miserable and Princeton was the 1 who knew how to do it.

Norrin Radd/Redman def. Biscuit/Redneck after more miscommunication.

Brandon Barbwire retained the NBW High Risk Title over Ricky Andrews after a cheap win.

Jimmy Tidwell said earlier in the night he had the biggest baddest opponent for Mark and here he is, out comes The Kid.

The Kid def. Mark Justice after Auburn Thunder tossed the belt in the ring and Mark had Kid up for the Hard justice and tripped and face planted and Kid got a quick 3 to a big pop. Kid was celebrating with the title when Tidwell said this match was never made a title match to the disliking of the crowd.

XOW came to the ring for the street fight when suddenly The FOP attacked them from behind and ran them out. Sarge then got on the mic and said XOW is always cheating and he has found an Equalizer, the lights went down and to everyone in the arenas surprise out comes none other than Derrick King! DK got on the mic and said never say never, at which point Jimmy Blaylock said he hated DK and he was the only Memphis Wrestling superstar in NBW!

FOP def. Syn/Stunner to become the new Unified Tag Team Champions! After The match DK delivered a huge Superkick to XOW owner Billy Russ, Sarge then said DK was here to stay and XOW was finished!

Crowd probably around 110 or so. Good show, crowd was into the matches and seemed genuinely surprised to see Derrick King.

Credit: NBWnewsguy

Photo credit: Tia Blaylock @