Friday, May 15, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 5.09.09

TigerFace/The Kid def. Biscuit/Tommy Redneck after some miscommunication between the 2.

“Law and Order” [Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes] came to the ring and wished all the mothers in the crowd a happy Mother’s Day. They were interrupted by XOW who came out running their mouths about all the mothers, Tim Davis grew tired of hearing them and said he had a surprise for not only Syn and Stunner but all the moms! Tonight Syn and Stunner would pay tribute to all moms by wearing dresses in their title defense against the FOP tonight!

Norrin Radd def. Ozwick

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore def. Max Steele after a quick schoolboy out of the corner. Nobody in the crowd saw it coming and the place exploded!

Ricky Andrews def. Brandon Barbwire in a non-title match

Mark Justice came out and declrared this coming saturday National Mark Justice Appreciation day!
Mark Justice def. Gaylon Ray

XOW came out and declared the next match a special ref match, Jason "The Brain" would be officiating.

Syn and Stunner def. FOP after Jason reversed the decision on a bogus call. Sarge then said if XOW wanted no rules and wanted to cheat then next week there would be an FOP Street Fight for the Unified Tag Titles!

Crowd was between 80-90 and hot for most everything. Biggest pops were for either the Jeremy Moore win or the FOP. Great Show

This week’s announced matches...

Street Fight for the Unified Tag Championship

FOP (Sarge/Mickey Ray) vs. Syn/Stunner

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore vs. Max Steele

NBW High Risk Championship

Ricky Andrews vs. Brandon Barbwire

Mark Justice appreciation week

Credit: NBWNewsguy

----I do like the way they are not putting the tag belts on FOP yet. I mean do they really need the belts to be over??...Moore vs Steele must look like a total mismatch, but Moore is actually a better worker than Steele.