Saturday, May 16, 2009

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 5.15.09 - Angle Out of Injury - Eric Wayne Suspended!!

----They ran an angle out of the Greg King Jr injury with Eric Wayne showing no remorse. He also would not shake US JR Champion Dustin Ring's hand. Ken Wayne suspended him until further notice.

-Austin Lane beat Ray Ray
-Alan Steele beat Justin Smart
-Dustin Ring beat Matt Justyce

----30 people in the crowd…Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno were the refs…Ref Greg Allen was in the building, but did not work…Kid Nikels was also there and did not work…Steele and Ray’s debuts in NEW. It would be interesting to see what they do with both of them if they stay regulars…John Steele and RRO Announcer of the Year 2007 Michael Ward were the announcers.