Friday, May 22, 2009

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 05.22.2009

New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) held another set of TV Tapings for future distribution tonight at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling. Below are the results...

- Alan Steele defeated Shawn Reed
- Kid Nikels defeated "Main Attraction" Matt Justyce
- United States Jr. Heavyweight Champion Dustin Ring defeated Justin "The Juice" Smart in a Non-Title match.

RassleNotes: Approximately 25 in the crowd...At the start of the show, "3G" Eric Wayne was in the ring to talk about his recent suspension. He called out his father "Nightmare" Ken Wayne who told him that the suspension would be lifted if he would do the proper thing and shake Dustin Ring's hand, something he did not do at the conclusion of the United States Jr. Heavyweight Title tournament on May 8. At the end of the show, Eric came out and shook Dustin's hand only to kick him with a low blow. He then appeared ready to punt Ring in the head, but the lockerroom emptied and stopped him..."Golden Boy" Greg Anthony was interviewed during the show. Before Anthony could speak, Kid Nikels interrupted the interview. Nikels made an "Al Bundy/Ted Bundy" comparison saying that Golden Boy was more like Al Bundy with his hands down his pants while he (Nikels) is more like Ted Bundy, causing havoc. Interesting analogy. Anthony ended up placing a $1,000 bounty on Nikels' head. Money goes to the first man to beat Nikels, ending his winning streak...Brian Thompson was solo on commentary as John Steele was out due to another eye related surgery...Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe were both in the house as referees...Al Jones, a sports reporter with, was in attendance to cover the show. He was primarily covering Justin Smart's participation as Smart is from Sikeston, MO, which is in Southeast Missouri (SEMO). Ironically, Jones and Brian Thompson worked together in 2004 at the Kennett, MO Daily Dunklin Democrat newspaper...N.E.W. returns to West Memphis next Friday at 8 p.m. at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Wrestling.