Sunday, May 10, 2009

RassleResults: Professional Wrestling Alliance Wynne, AR 05.09.2009

The Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA) held a live event last night at the National Guard Armory in Wynne, AR. Here are the results...

- John Cage defeated Dylan Crest
- Matt Riviera defeated Chas Cardington
- Jamie Lee defeated Johnny Morton by disqualification when Matt Riviera interfered.
- Rik Burton defeated Chas Cardington
- PWA Tag Team Championship Match: Matt Riviera & Johnny Morton defeated Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee to win the vacant championship in a controversial ending.

RassleNotes: Crowd was around 125. They were into all of the matches, all night...John Cage and Dylan Crest are two trainees of Jamie Jay. An angle was set up at the start of the show to allow Jamie Jay to referee the match. Cage is showing an "attitude" and Jamie's refereeing was to keep him in check. After the match, Cage attacked Jamie only to be laid out with a spinebuster...Rik Burton was originally scheduled to face Gary Lawler, but Lawler was unable to make the show. Burton came out, got on the mic and challenged Cardington. Burton was accompanied by an unidentified manager...The tag team match ended with a hot angle. Around the 18 minute mark, Jamie Lee hit a hot tag to Jamie Jay. All four men ended up in the ring. Lee and Morton went to the floor as Jamie Jay climbed to the top rope to hit Matt Riviera with a cross body. Riviera moved and then applied a Boston crab. Only seconds after applying the move, ring announcer/acting commissioner Brian Thompson rang the bell, took the belts and gave them to Morton and Riviera and then got in the ring to "explain" the decision to referee Biscuit. Thompson put his arm around Biscuit and then threw him head first into the top turnbuckle. Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee began to question what was happening as Thompson set them up to be hit by Morton and Riviera from behind with the PWA Tag Team title belts. Thompson got on the mic and claimed that he was sick of hearing about Jamie Jay wherever he goes in Wynne. (Thompson lives in the Wynne area) He said he was a "10 time" bigger star than Jamie and that Jay is so caught up in his own press that he failed to realize that Thompson manages Midnight Gold. Working with PWA as commissioner allowed Thompson the chance to begin getting revenge on Jamie. Crowd was pretty angry as Jamie is well liked in his hometown. There were probably more than a dozen "Jamie Jay" signs in the crowd...PWA will be in McCrory, AR this Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. as part of the town's MosquitoFest summer festival. Wrestling is free with fair admission. Rematch has been signed for the PWA Tag Team Titles with Riviera and Morton, with Thompson agreeing to be their manager for the match, against Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee.