Friday, May 15, 2009

RassleResults: Professional Wrestling Alliance McCrory, AR 05.14.2009

The Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA) ran a show last night as part of the annual MosquitoFest in McCrory, AR. Here are the results . . .

- Dylan Crest defeated John Cage
- Chas Cardington defeated "Ravishing" Rich Rude when Matt Riviera & Johnny Morton interfered.
- Psycho defeated Rik Burton
- Danny B. Goode defeated The Chosen One
- Lethal defeated Lucky
- Matt Riviera, Johnny Morton & Rich Rude defeated Jamie Jay, Jamie Lee & Chas Cardington in a 6-man tag team match that had Riviera & Morton's PWA Tag Team titles on the line should they lose.

RassleNotes: The show was free as part of the fair, which itself appeared to be a free event...Around 300 fans were around the ring off and on for the show...During teh Rude/Cardington match, Morton and Riviera came to ringside. Riviera distracted the referee. While this was happening, Rude held Cardington from behind as Morton prepared to hit him. Morton swung, Cardington ducked and the punch hit Rude. Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee hit the ring for the save. Then Jamie Jay said that since Rude & Cardington want to keep fighting, how about making the main event a 6-man...Danny B. Goode was super over and established a scenario for his match right off the bat with a promo about fueding with The Chosen One all across the country...In the tag team title match, Cardington and Rude brawled to the back before the match started. After a back and forth exchange, Morton and Riviera got the heat on Jamie Lee. Morton ends up putting Lee in a Boston crab. Their manager for the night Brian Thompson, who was also doing heel announcing all night, and Riviera go to get the bell from referee Tom Simon who won't let them have it. Jamie Jay is with them trying to stop Thompson from ringing the bell like he did Saturday night at the PWA show in Wynne. With this going on, Morton let's go of the Boston crab, Jamie Lee trips him up and applies one of his own. Rude comes out, hits a DDT on Lee and then gets the pin. He was still technically a legal part of the match since it was a 6-man. Rude and Morton argue over who is tag champs with Riviera since Rude feels he should have the belt after making the pin. Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee recover and knock the heels to the floor. Jamie Jay gets on the mic and says that Rude and Morton should settle their problem in the ring at the next PWA show. Rude, Morton and Riviera head to the back. Thompson starts to follow when Jamie calls him back to the ring. They do a mic exchange where Jamie tells Thompson that the rule where Jamie couldn't touch Thompson since he is "acting commissioner" is gone since Thompson touched him during the match. Jamie chases Thompson to the lockerroom to end the show...Notable faces in the crowd included Augusta, AR Mayor Jimmy Rhodes, former McCrory Mayor Doyle Fowler, Miss Betty (longtime fan from Tuckerman, AR) and ASWF owner David Walls...PWA has an event coming up on Saturday, June 20 in Wynne. More details on the event will be released in the next few days.