Thursday, May 14, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.09.09 - Rodney Mack Leaves Town???

The Royal Wrestling Alliance had 5 matches on Saturday night and all of them were very good matches. However I have spent the past 4 days trying to figure out what happened in the Loser Leave Town title match between Rodney Mack and Ron Rage. Last week Rage made the return match a loser leave town match and Rodney Mack accepted the match and asked Rage to allow him to get a special guest official. Rage told Mack to go ahead and at that point Mack asked his best friend and business partner Owner Frank Martin to be the ref. Remember just before the Title match last week Martin did a shoot promo and told everyone that Mack was part of his family and he was Mack's kids God parent and even lived with Martin at one point. Martin told the crowd that Mack was "just as important as he was from now on" because of a business agreement they have.

The evening started just like every Saturday night has over the past year and a half. Martin told the fans that for the first time the announcers for the RWA TV show were there at the kings Sportatorium and he introduced Brandon Wallace and Greg Russell. Greg Russell and Bud Schropell the host of On The Front Row With Budro on the local ESPN affiliate KNEA 970 AM have been fighting over the fact that Russell has been insulting the fans of the radio show. Russell went as far as to show pictures of Budro's children in a commercial on the RWA TV show. He would show pictures of baby Monkey's. Martin has apologized to Budro but Mr Russell has kept up the insults and then invited Budro to the Kings Sportatorium to face him man to man. Budro surprised Russell by showing up. Russell again apologized to Budro and then told him he had a surprise for his kids and then threw Budro a banana. Budro was very upset and attacked Russell and Martin and Security had to pull Budro off of Russell. Budro had accused Martin of being a part of all this and then told Martin he realized Martin was a man of his word and he wanted a match with Russell. Martin was very upset with Budro for physically attacking Russell and had the security remove Budro from the building.

Martin then came back to be the special guest ref for the main event. Mack entered the ring first and the two men greeted each other with a hand shake and a hug. Martin has told the fans that he would call the match right down the middle. Rage came to the ring with Raven his wife, as Martin was telling Mack to take off the chain Rage attacked him while his back was turned. Martin really seemed to be calling the match fairly. When Mack would get a cover Martin would check to see that both shoulders were down before he started the count. However every time a cover was done by Rage the count seemed to be a little fast. Mack got Rage in a submission hold quick and Rage was tapping and Martin did not see it but did see his foot on the rope. Rage then rolled out of the ring and Raven gave him a chain. As Mack went out to the floor Martin seemed to be distracted by Raven. Rage was choking Mack the whole time. Back into the ring Mack mounted a come back and each cover was met with a slower count. Mack went for his spear and missed hitting the ring post and Rage made the cover the count was again quick but Mack kicked out. Rage hit his finisher the Redemption and again the count was quick but Mack kicked out. Mack again started to come back and hit Rage with a shoulder block sending him outside the ring. Martin was telling Rage to "come on get in the ring and finish this" Raven gave Rage something to load his elbow pad right in front of Martin and Mack also seen this. Mack looked at Martin like he was saying what is going on. Rage climbed back onto the ring apron Mack turned his attention back to Rage. Martin moved in behind Mack and then as Rage smiled at Martin, Martin speared Mack in the back and drove him into the ropes and Rage who hit him with the loaded elbow pad busting Mack open. Rage covered Mack and Martin made a quick count giving Rage the victory. The fans were stunned and outraged, cans of soda and nacho trays, hot dogs, candy bars came flying into the ring. Martin grabbed a mic as Rage kept attacking the fallen Mack. Martin asked Mack," did you really think I would make you apart of this"! At this point all the workers came running to the ring. Martin told them to freeze, Martin reminded them they signed a 2 year contract last week. If you get into this ring I will fire you and not let you out of your contract and none of you will wrestle for 2 years". Rage kept attacking Mack as the locker room watched. "Did you think I didn't know what was being said?" I heard how all of you told Mack that if he started his own company you would go with him" yelled Martin. "Did you think I was so stupid that I wouldn't hear the things you guys were saying and planning?" "Get off my ring and form two lines!" Martin yelled. At one point Martin walked up to Mr. Pimptacular who was on the ring apron and told him,"Get off my Ring BOY!" "The only one who is stupid here are you people for thinking I would allow Mack to become a part of this!" People were screaming Why! Why! Kids were crying some adults were crying. Martin and Rage and Raven walked right down the middle of the line the workers had made back to the dressing room. Fans were going crazy, as security was trying to get them out of the building. The show was over at 9 O’clock and Martin and Rage and Raven left in Martin's personal vehicle. Fans stayed until 10 O’clock people were saying they were going to kick Martin's ass, some fans told the security they were not coming back and that if they see Martin out in town they were going to kick his ass. As of Wed calls to Martin have not been returned nor has he been seen. Mack has done an interview on a local radio station he as said he will be at the Brookland show which was booked 2 months ago and he has said he will be at the Kings Sportatorium Saturday night to address the fans.

The crowd was hot all night with 200+ in the building.

Credit: RWAreporter

----I did not get complete results, just what was sent to me above. Not sure where they are going with this work-shoot angle?? Why would they send Mack packing when he is their top draw in Jonesboro?? I got lots of opinions and such floating around about this, so it might be a future "Coach's Corner".