Thursday, May 21, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.16.09

1st Match Pokerface vs Reno Diamond. Winner Reno Diamond.
2nd Match Cannon vs Acid. Winner Acid.
3rd Match John Allen vs Black Sheep
4th Match Logan Fury vs Soul Train Jones. Winner Logan Fury.
5th Match Battle Royal Ladder Match For the RWA TV Championship. Winner J.D. Kerry.
6th Match Blalok The Blazor vs Lucky. Winner Lucky>
7th Match RWA Tag Team Title Match. Asylum vs Natural Born Playa'z. Winner N.B.P

Main Event. For the RWA TV Title J.D. Kerry vs The Mexican Assassin.

The show started with the ring announcer Biscuit coming out and running down the card for the evening. Biscuit told the fans that Owner Frank Martin wanted to come out and issue an apology. At this time music hit and out came Frank Martin. Martin took the mic and said he was sorry for the construction of the rails around the ring and knew that it was a hindrance for some of the fans. He said he was sorry for taking so long to get a Heavyweight title, sorry for taking so long to get the Tag Team titles, sorry for waiting so long to get a TV title. But most of all he was sorry that he took so long in getting rid of that "Piece of Trash" Rodney Mack.

Martin told the story of how Mack was in the Ohio Valley training with Batista, Randy Orton, John Cena, Shelton Benjamin. How Batista was in the developmental area so long because he was so bad at wrestling. Martin said Batista rode the short bus there and is still on the short bus in the wwe. He went on to say how bad these guys are how fake they are and that the biggest fake of all of them was Rodney Mack. Martin explained to the fans that he told them a year ago when Cameron Cage was running wild in the RWA that it was him and The Pit Bull that took out Handsome Jimmy Valiant in Tuckerman. It was Martin that got rid of Cage, Chazz Wesson, Ali Steven and now Rodney Mack. Martin explained how it was a plan all along, when POB gave the stroller to Mack and then jumped him, at this point Mack's music hit and the place erupted. Mack came to the ring and told Martin that just because he dresses up and thinks he is all that he is not. Mack told him he must have forgot how this all started. How even though he may walk the way he walks and talks the way he talks he is not dumb. Mack reminded him that he was on TV for 5 years and made a lot of money. Mack bought a house for his mother and for him and Jazz in Louisiana. Then he lost his job and fell on hard times. Mack told the fans that Martin called him up and offered him a job with the RWA. Mack and Martin negotiated a deal and Mack got 50% of the RWA so he is not going anywhere! Mack reminded Martin that there is a board of directors that determines the rules and who is fired and who is hired. Then told Martin he had not seen the last of the Dog Pound or Mack. Martin told Mack that's fine but remember he paid the attorneys that drew up the papers that made him 50% and he would see Mack in court. Martin then told Mack to leave the building and remember his boys are in Martin's hands and someone would get hurt tonight...

Pokerface and Reno started the show and what a way to start. It was takedown after takedown. Poker would hit a deep arm drag and Reno would turn and hit one of his own. Arm drag, leg sweep, you name it and these two did it and did it very well. Of course since Reno is a part of the Dynasty, Blalok was at ringside. It would not take long before Reno would use an illegal maneuver and gain the upper hand. Poker made several comebacks to be cut off and keep the match going. Finally Poker got his advantage and was poised to take home the victory when Blalok would inject himself into the match and Reno would roll up Poker and hold onto the tights to get the 1,2,3.

The Loose Cannon and Acid match saw two big guys go at it. Cannon being the veteran kept himself in this match however Acid being half of the Irish Dragon's had Logan in his corner, Logan had his part in the contest and Acid got the victory. Acid has really improved since coming to the RWA and can really move for a big man.

John Allen and Black Sheep was an interesting match since both these guys are really heels. The fans were having a hard time cheering for either one of these guys. Each used several combinations to gain advantage in the match, then Pimp Ricky threw his cane into the ring for Allen to use. Allen was caught between the ref and Pimp Ricky and when he turned around Black Sheep caught him with the cane and got the 3 count. Black Sheep kept up the onslaught and even took one of Pimp Ricky's fake legs off and tried to hit Allen. Black Sheep dropped the leg and Allen grabbed it and gave him one great shot before Black Sheep could get away.

Soul Train Jones vs Logan Fury was a great match, Soul Train came out with a large 60's style afro dancing all around the ring. The fans really liked this and when he got into the ring he gave it to Tim Daniels RWA Senior Ref and Tim went to dancing. But as soon as the bell rang it was all business in the ring. Soul Train displayed his strength and Logan tried to counter with quickness. Somewhere down the line the ref did not see the chain that Acid tossed to Logan and Logan did use it but dropped it when Soul Train kicked out of a pin Fall. Soul Train picked up the chain and the ref told him not to use it several times but the peaceful and Soulful Jones had enough and hit Logan with the chain and knocked him out. Soul Train was DQ’ed but he won the battle but the war is still raging

The Ladder Match for the TV title belt was everything one could hope it would be. Each combatant came to the ring in the order they were eliminated out of the Battle Royal last week. Cannon, Blalok, Logan Fury, Lucky, Gary Diamond, John Allen, Pokerface. Now John Allen was not in the TV Tournament at all but was allowed to be in the match. When people were asked how this happened all that was said was. Pimp Ricky paid Mr. Martin a lot of money to get his boy into it.

The match was crazy so many things happening and not enough eyes to catch all of it. Just about everyone got up to the title before they were brought down hard. Then a frog Splash off the top rope onto Poker who was laying on the ladder and moved gave John Allen a sore stomach and busted the ladder. The ring crew with quick thinking pull out another ladder a big heavy ladder to use. Eventually J.D. Kerry made the climb and got the belt, but wait he did not come down with it - it got hung on the cable that held it above the ring. J.D had to climb the ladder a second time to get the belt down and become the new and first RWA TV Champion.. As J.D. was celebrating his victory The Music the fans had been hearing a lot of came on again. The name of the Song is Money by the Bullet Boys. Out comes Big Money himself Frank Martin. Martin starts congratulating J.D. and started to bring back the memories for J.D. How J.D. Came to the building before the show and asked how he could get trained. Martin was the one who talked to J.D. Explained the does and don'ts in the business, Martin talked with J.D.s mother about how they train the cost and how important it was that J.D stay in school while he learned to wrestle and learned the business. Martin then went on to tell J.D. about how he set the tournament for J.D. to win the belt. Now Martin said all you have to do is do the right thing and listen to the one that got you this far. J.D. told Martin that he fought 7 guys in the ring and he won the belt and that Rodney trained him and that's who he is going to listen to. That's fine J.D. Remember I make the matches around here to you will defend that belt tonight against a person of my choosing in the main event Martin replied

Blalok had a match with Lucky. Most people think of Lucky as being a midget and he is not. Lucky is a great competitor with a big heart and can give anyone all they can handle in any match. So this match showed what he could do, Lucky stayed on Blalok for the most part with each man exchanging big moves and big punches. But just like the match where Blaylok cost Poker his match, so went this match and Lucky came out on the winners side making Blaylok very angry..

Tag action was next and the Natural Born Playa'z came out first and did a mic spill. Right in the middle of the thing some guy crossed the guard rails and got into the ring and hit pimp from behind. Southside took the neighborhood watch sign he carries and with one full swing knock the kid down on the mat and the two proceeded to beat the crap out of this kid. By the time security got to the kid he had a golf ball size knot on his head and his chest and face were raw from the chops and they drug him out of the building. Well in comes the Asylum and what a brutal match this was it ended in a double DQ and it was a big move after a big move the complete time. These two teams do not like each other and it shows. They were hitting some shots that would cause the fans to just go quite. Then the Irish Dragons had to stick their nose in and it really broke down form there. It took 10 min to get everyone separated and back into the dressing rooms.

Martin's music hit again and out came Martin and Mike Austin. Martin took the mic away from the ring announcer and told the fans that he had spared no expense in getting this next superstar to the RWA. He has put more workers out of wrestling than anyone else. He has held titles every where he goes. He has traveled all over the world and fought some of the greatest in the business. Ladies and Gentlmen the Mexican Assassin.

Tejano came out but looked different than before, no sassy smile or smirk just straight intensity and Dominuiqe in behind him with the Mexican flag. J.D. Came out like he always does and hit the ring hard. Got M.A. going and just like that M.A. hit him with a very stiff clothes line and then went to work on J.D. Every kick and every punch was stiff and left a mark. Martin kept yelling at J.D. You should have done the right thing J.D. J.D. started making his come back and hit his frog splash and the ref counted 1 2 and Dominqiue distracted the ref the fans counted to 6 before J.D. got up and gave Dominque a drop kick off the apron. Martin then gave M.A. a chain and as J.D. came over M.A. hit him with it. J.D. managed to kick out and mounted his come back again. J.D. hit another Frog Splash and the ref counted 1 2 and as the hand was coming down Martin jumped up on the apron and told the ref no to make that count. The ref came over to Martin to ask him why? J.D. did the same thing and as they got up to Martin, Martin got down off the ring. When J.D. turned around M.A. hit him with his finisher and got the 3 count and became the New TV Champion. But that was not enough as the fans were going crazy again M.A. started to put the boots to J.D. Along with Mike Austin at this point Rodney Mack and SoulTain came out. Mack threw Austin into the post and out to the outside. Soul Train had M.A, When Mack turned around Martin was standing there. The roof came off the building when Mack grabbed Martin. Mack put Martin up on his shoulders for a Samoan Back Drop. The fans were going crazy and then Rage hit the ring and took down Mack. Martin slipped through the ropes with his life and gathered up his crew and all the belts and left.

Another great crowd with graduations going on and all 200+ in the building and the crowd was hot all night. This week’s main event will be a barbwire match between Gary Diamond and Mike Austin. The ring will be completely enclosed in barbwire so no one can get out.

Credit: RWAreporter

----Frank Martin is very good on the mic and is probably doing a fantastic job getting these angles over. He just needs to not over expose himself. Also it is perfect with Mack ALMOST getting to him. They need to milk that as much as possible. ..”Aslyum” and “Playaz” have been having some good matches around the horn – here and WWCW…I feel sorry for Blalok having to work Lucky…I bet Poker vs Reno was good.