Friday, May 29, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.23.09

Match 1: Asylum VS Allen Brothers winner Allen Brothers.
Match 2: Reno Diamond VS Lucky winner Lucky by DQ
Match 3: Cannon VS The Mexican Assassin winner Mexican Assassin.
Match 4: Playa'z VS Irish Dragons winner Playa'z
Match 5: Rodney Mack VS Black Sheep winner Rodney Mack.
Match 6: Dynasty VS Pokerface and J.D. Kerry winner Poker and J.D.
Match 7: Rage VS Cujo winner Rage
Match 8: Barbwire Match: Mike Austin VS Gary Diamond winner Mike Austin.

The show started with Biscuit's intro for the show and giving the fans a rundown of the card. The first up was a new segment called Money Talks. Frank Big Money Martin and Rage the RWA Heavyweight Champion and The Mexican Assassin came to the ring. Martin explained to the fans this was a show for TV and he would be interviewing some of the wrestlers to let the fans get to know them better. Martin's first guest on Money Talks was J.D. Kerry. Kerry came to the ring and did not want to sit down with Martin since Money Inc was in the ring. Martin assured Kerry there would be no contact between Money Inc and Kerry. Martin then gave the fans the facts about the young Kerry and then asked J.D. the first question.

What school did you go to J.D.? As Kerry answered Martin pulled the mic away and answered for him. " That's right I forgot you were Home Schooled because you’re not smart enough to go to a real school. I know your parents and you did not get any smarter with them teaching you!" Where do you live? Wait I know that one too you live in a trailer outside of town. Is it tuff changing the tires on your house? Must be hard and cold in the winter time! J.D. you look a lot like both your parents, does your family tree branch? Or are you like the motto of the state of Kentucky, Kentucky 358 thousand people 4 last names! At this point Kerry was visibly upset so Martin told him I don't want you to leave mad J.D. so I have a parting gift for you. The new J.D. Kerry shirt that we will be selling. The shirt had Kerry's picture on the front with him holding the TV title he won last week and lost. The back said The 60 minute champion. Kerry threw the shirt at Martin and The Mexican Assassin jump in front of Martin, Kerry pushed him and Rage jumped in. Martin stopped both of them from attacking Kerry and told them he gave his word that Kerry would not be touched. Poker came out to even things up and Martin told Poker to take his Wal Mart pants and his boy friend and go to the back. At this point the fans were so mad some were trying to get over the rails that are now up and security had to keep them back. The heat is on in the RWA.

The first match saw the Asylum taking on two of the young guns in the RWA the Allen brothers. These two guys were out weight but they are quick and strong. They made a good showing but the Playa'z (RWA tag champs) hit the ring giving the Allen's the win. The Playa'z now have the Irish Dragons and the Asylum mad at them.

Reno and Lucky had a good match and Blaylok did a great mic spill. Lucky is one of the most improved workers in the RWA. Of course when you have some one of the caliber of Rodney Mack training you there is no doubt you will get better. Lucky got the win by DQ and then got a beat down at the end by Dynasty. Poker and J.D. made the save on Lucky. Dynasty is a great heel team and Blaylok is a master on the mic. Reno looks great and Mike Anthony is looking better each week.

The Mexican Assassin came out with Dominique but no Big Money! He offered a shot at the belt to anyone who wanted it. Cannon answered the challenge and took it to the Mexican Assassin right off the bat. The action was fast and Cannon seemed to have the match in hand and the title around his waist. Cannon went for a big splash in the corner and The Mexican Assassin pulled the ref in the way and got Cannon DQ'd for it.

The Playa'z and the Irish Dragon's. The Dragon's came out mocking the Playa'z wearing bandana's like them talking like them. Then at the end called the Playa'z out. Not a smart move by them because the Playa'z answered the challenge and were in a bad mood. Good match between these two teams good psychology here and the return of Scot Fury. Fury came in at the end and went to hit Mr Pimptacular with a road sign. Pimp moved and Fury knocked out Acid giving the Playa'z the win. The Asylum hit the ring and these two big guys took out some frustrations on the whole group. They beat both teams down with signs and chairs and whatever they could grab including themselves. Tag Team division is heating up here.

Rodney Mack and Black Sheep, (by order of Mr. Frank Big Money Martin) no results on this match. Comment by Mr. Martin. Rodney Mack does not deserve to have results of his match posted. Let him get his own site for that.

Mike Anthony and Blaylok took on the team of J.D. Kerry and Poker Face. This match was great these guys can go and can work the crowd up and down like a roller coaster ride. Poker and J.D. win by DQ and Lucky ran in to even up things. Poker did a great mic spill at the end.

Rage and Cujo. Big Money came to the ring with the Belt around his waist this did not make the fans very happy at all. Right from the start the big man Cujo hit some big moves. Side slam big fists until Rage got the advantage and threw Cujo out of the ring. Martin pulled out a wad of cash and whispered something to Cujo ear. Cujo returned to the ring and the fight continued, Cujo hit the big drop kick and made the cover. Rage appeared to be out and the ref hit 2 when Martin jumped up on the apron and yelled what are you doing Cujo? Cujo got up and walked towards Martin and the two looked at each other intensely. Martin slowly got down from the ring and Rage rolled up Cujo for the 3 count. Now I am just a reporter but it did not look like Cujo even tried to kick out. Rage and Martin walked back to the dressing room. Cujo called out Big Money and told him it was not going down like that. Cujo demanded a title shot and Martin agreed with no problem at all.

The main event saw the ring crew rap the ring ropes in barbwire. This was a brutal match between Gary Diamond and Mike Austin. The blood was flowing from both of their heads and from Diamonds arm and stomach. Austin picked up Diamond for a suplex and then laid him across the ropes and barbwire cutting open Diamonds abdomen. Diamond hit is finisher and had Austin covered when Martin who was with Austin grabbed a mic and screamed at the ref Tim Daniel's not to make the 3 count. Daniels questioned Martin and told him he has to he is the ref Diamond came over to confront Martin and Austin got up slowly and grabbed Diamond and DDT'd him on a chair to get the 3 count. Martin then taunted Diamond and told him in two weeks if he has healed up enough there would be a match between Austin and Diamond. Just a wrestling match no hardcore stuff. Martin then told Diamond he would give him a chance at a pay day and would hang 5,000 dollars in a bag over the ring. The first to get to it wins it is the first Big Money Match.

The holiday had most of the fans at the lake where I wanted to be but the group still pulled in 150+ for the show. The crowed was hot all night so they could tell it was their diehard fans that showed up.

Credit: RWAreporter

----This is so funny - the reporter is being told to work us on Rodney Mack and his results to his matches. OH ME!!...Who is Dynasty???