Sunday, May 31, 2009

RassleResults: XOW Wendy Jones Benefit Independence, MS 5.30.09

The XOW benefit show for the family of Wendy Jones got underway with the music from Nashville Recording Artist, Ken Hatton. Following a song, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made his way out and dissed on the band. Tony Watts, then, had "Hollywood" escorted off the premises.

The Tracy Wyatt Band took the stage. In between songs, announcer Al Hall was joking around with the band and making fun of all the people in the crowd.

All of the sudden, "Big Daddy" Storm pulled up to ringside in his convertible sports car. Storm made fun of the band and sung a little diddy himself. It was a special rendition of one of Elvis's all-time classics that he sung just for the ladies in the crowd. Instead of singing, "I get so lonely" he hit us with the remix with, "You be so ugly". Storm made his way up to the trailer where Andy from the band was. As Andy was putting his guitar away, Storm attacked him from behind. Storm called for a ref as he dragged Andy to the ring. Referee Chris P. Fries came out to call this impromptu match. It wasn't long before Storm hauled off and hit Chris P. Fries, which brought out Referee Uncle Felton. Well, Felton suffered the same fate as Fries and was knocked out, as well. Then, Tony Watts came to the ring and got into a confrontation with Storm. Tony shoved Storm and Andy took advantage of the opportunity and rolled up Storm, while Tony counted to three. Andy got the win. An irate Al Hall jumped into the ring to attack Tony, but security broke them up. Tony tossed Al Hall from the premises, as well, but before he left Tony said, "June 6th, bring your fat a@# to Crenshaw!" As Storm was leaving, Tony informed him that the next time Storm takes on Andy it will be under Extreme Rules.

1st Official Match-"The Greatness" Jay Webster, with "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson in his corner, tied up with Curly Moe, with Dirty Rell Moe watching his back. In the early moments of the contest, Webster accused Moe of pulling his hair. Later, Curly would deliver a powerful spinebuster. While on the outside, suddenly, Dirty Rell Moe would level Curly with a licence plate and roll him back into the ring. Webster would connect with a flatliner to get the win. I guess he lived up to his name, because that was dirty!

2nd Match-Triple Threat Match featuring Suicide vs DC vs Chop Top The Clown. Suicide was laying low at the beginning of this one, letting DC and Chop go at one another. While trying to make his calculated attacks, Suicide was caught and it was on as all three hit one another with their best to get their hand raised in victory. During the final moments, DC delivered a corkscrew neckbreaker on Suicide off the ropes, but would receive an innovative neckbreaker as well from Chop, who got the win. Chop Top The Clown is your winner.

During intermission, Tony brought out Joe Riley, who's wife, Wendy Jones, passed away recently in a car accident. Tony gave him the big XOW banner, which was signed by everyone on the show.

This was followed by a special cake auction by Billy Russ and Tony, along with the lovely XOW Divas, Jori and Lil Bit. They had pineapple pie, strawberry cake, and a chocolate cake. Chocolate Cake-Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!

3rd Match-The Hawaiian Kid and Jay Webster, with Colton Anderson and Dirty Rell Moe in their corner, squared off against "The Asylum" Psycho and Pappy, with Tony Watts. The Hawaiian Kid came out to Kofi Kingston's theme music. I had to hit that Thunder Clap a couple times. Booah! Booah! Booah! He looked more like Umaga to me. Not long after this one started, Curly Moe came out chasing after Dirty Rell Moe to get some retribution for what transpired earlier. The funniest part of this one was that The Hawaiian Kid was not wearing any boots or shoes, he was barefooted. Well, the sun was shining and the ring was pretty much on fire, so The Hawaiian Kid looked as if he was dancing while he was on the apron, but the funniest part was when he actually got tagged in because he was moving around so slow. Each step that he took, he was cringing in pain. That was funny as hell! I couldn't stop laughing. Tony visited with me during this one since his boys had everything under control. In the end, Psycho and Pappy got the win with a double team fireman's carry drop. As soon as the match ended, The Hawaiian Kid jetted to the back. I believe The Kid made a Bad Call going without shoes.

"The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine made his way out to the ring. He said that Danny B. was not there and forced Referee Felton to count him out and declare him the winner. Before Brian left the ring, Tony told him to hold on and brought out his new opponent, Drew Donovan. Fine tried to hit him with his plastic flamingo, but Donovan ducked, sending Fine into the turnbuckle enabling Donovan to get the roll up for the three count. After the match, Brian So Fine told Tony that on June 6th in Crenshaw, he better have Danny B. there or he will forfeit the title.

Semi-Main Event-Mason vs "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs with his manager, Jason "The Brain". This one went back and forth with each man trying to gain the advantage underneath the blistering sun. Tony Dabbs landed the superkick on Mason to get the win.

Main Event-Syn and DJ Stunner with their manager Jason "The Brain" vs The XOW Tag Team Champions, "The Sons of the South" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews with Tony Watts. Referee Chris P. Fries grabbed the microphone and announced that the match was now going to be Falls Count Anywhere. These four quickly took flight, piling up on the outside. Chris threw Syn face first into a trash can. Ewww! As Chris and Syn were battling on the outside, Josh and Stunner were showcasing some incredible fast paced action inside the ring. Chris took Syn over to the Bud Light trailer. While they were fighting, Jason "The Brain" started throwing rocks at Chris. That's good stuff, right there. Chris would bring Syn over into the crowd and drop him on the wooden bleachers. Josh flat out leveled Stunner with the trash can. Then, Chris suplexed Syn on the trash can in the gravel. There was lots of chair shots. A little kid was giving Syn a hard time. Chris ended up grabbing Jason "The Brain" and bringing him into the ring, where he unleashed a vicious attack that left "The Brain" in bad shape. Stunner hit a sweet lionsault on Josh. Chris broke up the count by tossing in a chair that hit Referee Chris P. Fries. Syn landed an Asai Moonsault from the apron on Chris. The finish saw Josh connecting with the Cradle Shock as Chris hit the Southern Destroyer to defeat Syn and Stunner. Following the match, Chris Styles got on the mic and said that they respect Syn and Stunner, as well as, the XOW company, but they don't have the heart to stop kicking their a@# everytime they see them. Chris announced that next Saturday, June 6th in Crenshaw the four will do battle, again, but this time it will be in a Special Dog Collar Match for the XOW Tag Team Titles. These guys always have some AWESOME matches. They work great together. If you're anywhere around Crenshaw, next week, you will definitely want to check it out. You will be in for a treat. Tony had some choice words for Syn as he left.

Following the wrestling, they featured some more great singing with Wade & Tisha and Chris and Melissa.

XOW Wrestling would like to thank Bud Light for the trailer and The Independence Community Center for the ball park.

Don't forget next Saturday, June 6th, XOW returns to Crenshaw, Mississippi, at the Crenshaw Baptist Church to benefit the Youth Group. Already signed Brian So Fine vs Danny B., The Special Dog Collar Match for the XOW Tag Team Titles with "The Sons of the South" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews putting the belts on the line against Syn and DJ Stunner, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and much much more. It's sure to be lots of fun!

Everyone gets a Good Call for all their hard work on delivering a good show for a Great Cause!

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