Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sarge Jumps to DCW: The Story

----In the continuing revolving door of the NBW/DCW – Walker family feud story, Sarge O’Reilly walked out of NBW Saturday night to work for DCW. Sarge had been working for NBW since December, 2008 in a big angle first starting with the XOW takeover of NBW. They decided to rerun the angle from Dyersburg in Newbern with the end results being the Sarge babyface turn on the “Spring Breakout 2009” show. Recent weeks have had Sarge’s long time partner Mickey Ray join back with him to form the tag team of “Family of Pain” to feud with XOW.

----The DCW show started Saturday night with the XOW guys coming out with Billy Russ on the mic. He stated that some things were going to change at DCW. Sarge then walked thru the front door to inform the fans and XOW that he was there to go against them. He was going to follow them no matter where they went. So, they will continue the Sarge vs XOW storyline at DCW.

----Not only did Sarge walk out, but it looks like he takes the whole XOW crew with him – Billy Russ, Brandon Barbwire, Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, Jason The Brain, Lil Bit, TigerFace, Syn, Stunner, Mickey Ray and maybe more.

----This put booker Jeremy Moore and NBW owner Jeff McDonald in a bad situation Saturday night, when they were not told that XOW was walking out along with Sarge O’Reilly until around 8:30 PM. Apparently Sarge had some words with Tim Davis, because he did not feel it was fair to NBW with them walking out. Sarge, who had planned to finish up his stint here, instead just walked out. That is my criticism of the whole situation. Sarge should have stayed for at least two weeks and finished up everything. The rest of XOW stayed for the show with Brandon Barbwire dropping the High Risk Title and Jeremy Moore winning the NBW tag straps by himself beating Syn/Stunner with an “on the fly” booked show.

----Jeremy Moore will be left with a big hole in his roster. It looks like the following will be staying – Mark Justice, Tommy Redneck, Jon Biscuit Roberts, Crazy Train, Antonio Anderson, Derrick King [on dates he is not booked on other shows], Seth Knight, Redman and Norrin Radd. Moore will be backed up against the wall [something he should be getting use to doing] to come up with a new roster and new stuff.

----This situation all came to a head on the show last Saturday night [5.16.09]when Sarge brought Angelina into the ring with FOP. Moore and his mom/Jeff were highly upset. They try to promote a “family show” and they had already told Sarge that Angelina did not fit in that category. Sarge and Moore had been having disagreements back and forth for the last few months. It was really just the time for them to split with both parties feeling it will be good for both of them. Sarge had met with the Walkers early in the week and XOW had planned leaving. It will be interested to see if this move helps or hurts attendance at either show.