Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tank Update

----I just got off the phone with Tank's wife Helen. She said that as they were sitting in the welfare office yesterday Tank's eye started to swell. He went out to the car to get some Benadryl. He then told her that they needed to go to the doctor's office because he felt like he could not breath. Tank drove himself to the doctor's office and Helen believes that Tank died at the office before the 911 ambulance arrived. Helen says she does not think it was a bee sting, as Tank had said nothing to her about being stung. The coroner and doctor's office are telling her that the official cause of death is a heart attack. Apparently area worker Ricky Andrews had arrived at the doctor's office before the 991 ambulance had arrived.

----Helen is making arrangements at 9:00 AM this morning and I plan to talk to her again later today. I will keep everyone update. Tank leaves behind his wife Helen, his daughter Teela and step-daughter Kayla. Please keep them in your thoughts!!!