Friday, May 29, 2009


----The group that at times seem to being doing good and other times like they did not have a clue - considering there first events. Good luck to Joey McNew on this new venture. This was posted by "Crimefighter" on the Kayfabe Message Board.

From the St. Louis Wrestling Community -

BREAKING NEWS: WWCW has cancelled all their future events, which includes the May 6th event in Kennett, MO. I had gotten a heads up that this was coming a few days ago but it's now official. If you go to the WWCW website, you see an advertisement for Lethal Assault Entertainment MMA Cage Fighting. It appears the owners could be getting out of the wrestling business in favor of Mixed-Martial Arts and may be looking to compete directly with Absolute Fighting Challenge promoted by Dangerous Donny Sixx, which runs in the Missouri boothill. Sixx got out of the wrestling business a few years ago in favor of the more lucrative MMA market.