Monday, May 11, 2009

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!! presents “Shooting the Shiznit” Season 2 Episode 7 with the 3rd Anniversary 90 Minute Special!! Yes, RRO is three years old on Wednesday!! Show starts at 10:00 AM!! We will be celebrating by talking with RRO 3-time Wrestler of the Year Derrick King, who will also be celebrating his birthday. We will also be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT during the show with a Memphis Legend joining the RRO staff!! EVERYONE is encouraged to call in and wish us best wishes on our anniversary. You also call in and ask DK anything. DK will also be talking about various “hot subjects” – Brian Christopher and his recent departure from DCW.

CALL IN [347] 838-8101

----Please take note that we have already posted over a third of what we usually post in one week, so this looks like it is going to be a big week of news. You can always keep up with posts that are not in the top five by clicking on them on the far right of the site!! We still have the Arena Report from ASWF to post, updates on Greg King JR, results from EWE and RWA, Ratings Wrapup and other announcements about changes coming to RRO!!