Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chris O'Neal Injuried!! is reporting the following below. I have talked with Chris O'Neal and he will be having surgery on this knee this Friday. Above is the video with the incident being shown. O'Neal was upset in the dressing room on Sunday afternoon asking Eric Wayne what happened?? It is hard to see by this video, but others believed that Wayne may have caused the injury?? Apparently O'Neal told Wayne to look out for his bad knee before they went out and then by the video it looks like Wayne went right for that knee?? Is this another case of Wayne being careless?? I can not tell much from the video?? Let me know what you guys think??


----And as it was reported on

During a confrontation with Premiere Brutality, Chris O'Neal suffered a crippling injury to his right knee. O'Neal was taken to an area hospital, but no other information was given. As soon as information is available, it will be posted here immediately.

Beginning tonight, Elite Wrestling Entertainment will become a bi-weekly show. With it being summer time, a lot of families take vacations and have other events throughout the season, and we here at EWE want to accommodate everyone that takes part in our shows. Since the new schedule went into effect tonight, there will NOT be a show next weekend, and will resume on Saturday, June 27th