Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coach's Corner : "Let's Talk about WWE workouts, ECW and Jerry "the King" Lawler!!"

----The WWE is wrestling here in the United States. We do not cover them on a regular basis, because the main focus of RRO is the Memphis area. When we see people getting opportunity or people that regularly work the promotion in this area it usually means something. They are the top dog and the command that respect. Even though I love to talk about local wrestling, I had to mix the WWE in there for this edition. Let’s talk about WWE workouts, ECW and Jerry “the King” Lawler.

----After the appearance of Dustin Starr on ECW, we did see a few snide remarks on various message boards, but overall I would consider it a positive appearance and positive story for this area. The main thing that Starr along with Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne got to do was the workout before the matches in front of the WWE guys to decide whether you can get a job or not. They give advice on what to do with your body, your skills and anything else. That got me to thinking about what other guys do I think should get an opportunity like this and who would shine?? I would love to see Stan Lee and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony get a chance to do this. Lee has had more opportunities than TGB in working Puerto Rico and such. Lee could shine with his flashy moves and his knowledge of the fundamentals. Anthony might be an odd choice to some and Starr will probably giving me heat on The Starr Treatment, but he is one of the best workers of the area. In the WWE world of size, tans and in shape, a Dustin Starr will get a major look over lots. TGB deserves a workout with the WWE guys getting a look at him. He would show them his talent and work ethic. Also, if they would give him chance to do interviews – he is the very best in this area with Starr just behind him. Would the WWE have a job for a guy with TGB’s talent and look?? Even Jamie Noble has taken a great job backstage and TGB would be a guy that could do things like that. My vote would be to get Starr another look and let the WWE see Lee and TGB.

----I usually watch Law & Order : SUV [the perverts one] and Rescue Me in the ECW time slot. The season is over for L&O, so I am able to TIVO ECW. I have really enjoyed the show the last two weeks. Starr being on the show had me record the first show and then I went on to record it for another week. The Tommy Dreamer storyline was fun. Everyone thought he was going to lose – he was even swerving his closest friends telling them he was done with the WWE. Christian is the man though. Christian has probably had more good matches on TV than anyone in the last few years. His TNA stuff was top notch - he always worked real hard. While everyone praises AJ Styles and emulates him, area workers should strive to be like Christian. His singles match with Tyson Kidd was top notch to the point that I even seen comments about how great Kidd is. He is good, but they forgot who he was working. This week The Hart Dynasty worked against Jack Swagger/Christian. Another good bout and just some really smart stuff with Christian. Christian went for the hot tag and instead just pushed Swagger [selling they were against each other even though they were tagging] and then it was like it was a hot tag for Christian. He made a big comeback, then a cutoff with him getting beat because of Swagger. So if Christian isn’t the best worker in the WWE, who is?? Edge?? Chris Jericho?? Rey Mysterio?? Randy Orton?? I don’t really think Orton is in their class, but is a decent worker with a great look. Edge, Jericho and Mysterio could probably have just as good or better matches than Christian on a given night. But, I will take a Christian match over anyone right now.

----So two of the biggest shows of 2009 are coming up and they finished as two of the biggest shows of last year. “Thunder on the River” [ranked #5 - 2008] and ASWF’s Batesville [ranked #2 - 2008] show. Since the start of this site there has been an argument about whether Jerry Lawler is still “The King”?? When it comes to the major shows it is always his name on the show. He appeared on seven of the 25 listed last year. I made notes about him being one of my picks for Wrestler of the Year because of all the Bert Prentice shows drawing good crowds this year. It seems they have quit doing those shows and Lawler will probably finish the show with the big shows in area. Will they draw for their big Fourth of July show?? Is there going to be “Forth in the Forest” [#1 last year] to compete with them?? I have not even heard about that show this year?? Why does Bill Dundee, who I would easily consider a better worker overall than Lawler, not draw as good as a crowd?? Lawler’s WWE exposure keeps him hotter. It doesn’t matter if he is announcing or jobbing, Lawler will help the local shows. His name does not mean the same as it did in the summer of 1974 when he helped Memphis Wrestling draw over 10,000 fans eleven weeks in a row, but it does mean usually over the 300 range and that is good in this day and age. [Sad; huh??] I think some of the local promotions might miss out on promoting him as a WWE superstar, instead a Memphis legend. Fans watch WWE and as you can tell by the ratings, no one is watching Memphis TV. Lawler still the “The King”?? Yeah for the moment he is.