Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Here come the haters..... by Gene Jackson

Something I absolutely hate about the wrestling business is the fact it seems no one can ever be happy for anyone else who gets the chance to do something they wish they could do. It's amazing to me how the same "workers" who run out and buy a ticket every time WWE or TNA comes to town who either sat in the audience last night or sat at home in front of their television watching Dustin Starr wrestle on WWE television for ECW will then go online the next day to places like "the bathroom wall" and criticize Dustin for doing something they'd give anything to do.

Now don't get me wrong not EVERYONE is like that. I've seen on twitter and a few other places where guys have congratulated Dustin on getting the spot on TV last night. However it's mostly negative stuff from bitter ass people who will never amount to anything in the business. Most of the guys who are talkin' shit about Starr "jobbing" for Zack Ryder don't realize that more people saw Dustin Starr wrestle that one match last night than if you added up all the people who will ever see them wrestle on their little show where they are the "Star".

Of course BT reports it and immediatly people start calling him a "kiss ass" (and I'll get the same thing once this is read) but what's he supposed to do, act like it didn't happen. Jump on the bandwagon of the others who somehow think being the champion of your own promotion whose audience is made up of friends and family is somehow more impressive than being a "jobber" for the biggest wrestling company in the world. Come on, whether you like Dustin Starr personally or not, whether you agree with his antics and internet postings you still have to give him his due. He got there and you didn't, if you don't like it how bout instead of bitching about on a message board under a fake name, go do something to get yourself noticed, do something that earns YOU an opportunity to be seen. Go somewhere and be seen by someone who has some connections to help you get somewhere, that's the way businesss works...notice I didn't say THE business, that's ALL business. That's how things work.

If doing jobs on TV is so detrimental to one's career how come Gary Nations is still bragging about jobbing on WCW television, SIXTEEN YEARS LATER??? According to him that led him to being able to sell out arenas all over the World and to this day he's still a daily topic of discussion on your little bathroom wall.

I know this whole column is in vein, it's not just wrestling it's human nature that most folk's are jealous and root for other people to fail but it really just comes off pathetic when reading this shit on the internet. Congrats to Kid Nickels and Eric Wayne for being on camera as well on RAW.

In all seriousness though, think about this...for you folks who defend Mississippi Rasslin' over at the 'bathroom wall'. Dustin Starr, Lord Humongous, Lady Vixen, and Chris Rocker's wife are the most 'over' people on your board because good or bad they get talked about the most.......when's the last time ANY of them WORKED in MISSISSIPPI?.....there's something to that.....figure it out.....