Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings and Show Notes 5.30 & 6.06.09 - Ratings Strike Out and Homerun with the same show!!

----Memphis Wrestling aired the same show two weeks in row and had two total different results. The first airing of the show at an overall average of 1620 viewers!! It had two quarters that did not even meter and then the last quarter had some people turn it back on. Overall it was a disaster and if advertisers get REAL numbers, then it is hard to decide to advertise for a show that jumps so up and down.

----Now this past Saturday they aired the same show and hit a homerun. This was not their biggest number of the year, but the semantics of the show were almost perfect. It started at 1.5 and added 4859 viewers per quarter ending with a 1.9 quarter watching the Dundee/Lawler bout. Look at the “What was Memphis watching?” number and see that Memphis Wrestling actually won their time slot this week!! I cannot remember this ever happening since the start of this site??

----So what does all this mean?? Hell I would just keep airing this show and see how the ratings go. LOL It couldn’t get worse than the first airing of the show..well..I guess it could. LOL

5.30.09 Overall .1 [1620 viewers]

6.06.09 Overall 1.5 [24296 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Koko vs DK
-Dotson vs Tatt2 [start]
5.30: .3[4859 viewers]
6.06: 1.0 [16197 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Dotson vs Tatt2 [finish]
-White vs Brian C
5.30: 0 [-4859 viewers]
6.06: 1.3 [21056 viewers] [+4859 viewers]

3 Quarter
-Thaddas/Koko angle
-Lawler vs Dundee [start]
5.30: 0 n/c
6.06: 1.6 [25,915 viewers] [+4859 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Lawler vs Dundee [finish]
5.30: .2 [3239 viewers] [+3239 viewers]
6.06: 1.9 [30774 viewers] [+4859 viewers]

From start to finish:
5.30: [-1620 viewers]
6.06: [+14577 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
5.30: Wolfcase Showcase/Saved By the Bell 1.3 [20246 viewers]
6.06: Turbo Dogs/Power Rangers 1.5 [23486 viewers]


----Johnny Dotson vs Tatt2 is my favorite original programming TV bout this year followed by Dustin Starr vs Kevin White a few weeks back. A good paced bout…Brian C vs White was their usual bout with good psychology and White was using “The Ghost of Don Bass” to get heat. Brian was bleeding from the top of his head and not sure when that happened…Thaddas/Koko angle made no sense. Koko was baby and then heeled here. They should have sent Dotson/DK out to do that angle…Lawler/Dundee angle where they are saying the guys have wrestled 400 times and they are tied is fun. But, it is so funny when they can’t even come up with the exact number. Dundee said he had won 199 and was ahead. LOL Hart then said that each guy had won 400 times and this was a tie breaker. Lawler/Dundee match was not good and had a shitty finish with Dundee getting DQed being caught with a chain while doing his version of TGODB…Hart said at one time during the Lawler bout, “the fans smarten up Lawler..” That was just hilarious to me…I think I seen Lammarus Brooks [SEW owner] at ringside. They had a good crowd for the political rally for Maclin. It was hard at time to watch the matches because they kept cutting away to show Corey with someone “important” – if those people are considered more important than the wrestlers, then how are the wrestlers going to be taken serious?? OH ME!! I know Maclin doesn’t care about the wrestling anymore, but..well..forget it.