Tuesday, June 09, 2009

MLW Gets A New Webmaster!!

----It has been said on a message board or two, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am new webmaster of www.mlwonline.com. I have known MLW owner Darrell for about 15 years or it might even be closer to 20 years. He contacted me about being the webmaster and after days of negotiating [actually it took about 5 minutes lol], we came to terms. I am mainly in charge of the construction of the site – giving the site a new look, getting downloads ready and such. Darrell has a full time writer that will be coming on board writing all the bios and such. I am piggy backing some of the stuff from his site to my site and back & forth. So, that is why you might see RRO attached to MLW. RRO is still my main priority with MLW taking up time on slow days of RRO. When the site is totally reconstructed, then it will be just a few hours a week on MLW. And my goal is to give MLW a great looking accessible site. No it will not be a shoot site with gossip and such. It will be designed for the fans of MLW – targeted to give them news about the promotion and such. If anyone is interested in ladies wrestling – drop by the site and give Darrell some business!!