Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Piece of my Mind June 20th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I recently read a blog written by Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) which stated why she left the WWE and went to TNA. I am not sure if I agree with her decision. I do know that everything that she said in her blog were very valid points. She is clearly, and by far, the best performer in the woman division and is being asked to carry girls on a daily basis that surely could not out perform her or beat her legitimately. It is my personal opinion that there isn’t a girl on the roster that she couldn't beat and beat very quickly. I have touched on this topic before, I don’t know Lisa very well but what I do know is that whenever she and I crossed paths she was respectful and went out of her way to introduce herself and greet me. She, like many of the real legitimate tough guys in this business, has nothing to prove to anyone and comes across as being very humble.

The reason why this topic is so important to me is that many years ago when I broke into the business I became very close friend with Lei Lani Kai through our mutual relationship with The Wild Samoans. At the time Lei Lani was constantly being asked to take girls on the road who were either new or who’s work ability was not as good as hers and put them over. In many cases these girls had to be carried through a match. I know it got to her and at least at one point she was finally given a chance to become the World Champion. It’s funny to think about it but when Wendi Richter lost the title she was clearly quick counted and swerved. The Shawn Michaels and Brett Hart screw job, though more famous, was clearly not the first time that Vince McMahon has used this tactic. If Lei Lani was the heel trying to go out to screw someone out of the title I am not sure that a quick count would have been necessary. I think that she would have just hooked whoever it was and dared them to kick out. I don’t know if she would have participated in such a thing anyway, but if she did I just don’t see the other person kicking out.

We clearly know that in this business, although very real in the risks that the performers take, has predetermined outcomes. It is no shame to lose since you are told to lose. If you are Lisa Marie you clearly have the respect of your peers so why leave? I have no idea what she was being paid for her position so that could have been an issue. The other thing you have to ask yourself is why wouldn’t she be the girl pushed? Why couldn’t she be the baby face version of the Fabulous Moolah and just hold the title? She clearly has one advantage that Lei Lani didn’t have although Lei Lani was an attractive girl she wasn’t built as today’s divas are. Whereas Lisa Marie is a beautiful girl that easily could have legions of male fans. So why push girls that clearly are limited workers at best and, in some cases are hardly believable as wrestlers when you have a girl who scores high in all areas and represents your company at all times as a professional. If you find the answer to this question you will have a clear answer to back office politics in the wrestling business. It makes little sense to me when I think about it. Ask a former wrestler who got out of the business or one that wants out and they will almost always tell you I loved performing but the back office politics I just couldn’t stand. A wrestling office will force someone down our throats until we can’t stand it anymore or start to love them based on no one else being there. If you were on a desert island with a woman or man who might not be your perfect ten wouldn’t they start to look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston after about a week or so? I think promoters count on that along with the out of sight out of mind thing to make a lot of decisions.

I haven’t actually wrestled in about five years or more. I was supposed to be a part of some matches in Memphis but that never worked out. On June 13th in Leesburg, FL I participated in a six man tag team match. I teamed up with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Scotty Too Hotty. I got in the business in nineteen eighty one and met Jimmy Snuka on my first day in the business. In one of the first matches that I wrestled in before a sellout crowd in Vermont I wrestled a very young Scott Taylor. I could tell right away that he had what it took to be a star. It was a few years later that I saw him on WWE television and eventually he became Scotty Too Hotty. I thought both of these guys made very fitting partners. We were managed that night by my trainer Afa “The Wild Samoan #1”. On the other side was someone named The Perfect Creation who I had little knowledge of other than being told about him by Afa. The other two guys were Sugga who is the former Sweet Daddy Jay Love of the Love Connection. I had wrested him many times in tag matches with The Samoans, Carolinas Own David Isley and others. The third man was my long time opponent and rival Gorgeous Gary Royal. If you read my blog you know that Gary, in my opinion is one of the smoothest guys to ever put on a pair of tights. They were managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart.

It was a great night all the way around egos or nonsense ... this was the business that I grew up around. It was a great match that was a part of a card and night of entertainment that everyone there really enjoyed. I have never seen a dressing room full of more respectful kids just working hard to get a break in our business. I don’t know who may or may not make it that was in the dressing room that night but what I do know is if it had to do with character, professionalism and class all the students in the Wild Samoan Training Center would be with the WWE or TNA right now.

The Greek Theater in LA is having a salute to Beach movie week during the first week of August. One of the movies being featured is It’s a Bikini World. They have contacted Jimmy Hart about appearing since The Gentry’s Jimmy’s old group from the million selling record Keep On Dancin was in the movie along with The Animals and The Castaways.

This picture was taken at the matches in Leesburg, FL last Saturday night. Scotty and I were celebrating our victory in the ring with a couple of young fans Jake and Nick.

This has been a piece of my mind