Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Psycho Falling Revisited!!

----Please read what Billy Russ had to say about the video being removed because of a photo that Joey McNew owned. Russ sent me a note and directed me to to make sure we would repost it here. I have taken photos FOREVER in wrestling - since 1983 or 1984. If you use a photo, you just credit it. Similar to what WNC and me do for the sites and Yearbook 2008. All WWCW would have done was send Jimmy/Billy a letter and they would have put credit for the photo in the post. This was really a crappy way of handling things; don't you think? Hell I have guys that use photos I have taken and sell them on their gimmick tables. I have no problem with that.

As you all know by now the youtube video of Psycho falling out of the ring during the XOW show in Crenshaw, Ms. On 6/6/09 has been removed due to a “copyright” claim by WWCW Wrestling and had been deleted.

WWCW Wrestling which is based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and founded by Joey McNew. For some unknown reason someone found something on the video they considered a copyright violation. What is it? I have no idea because I never received a comment or message from the person or person’s filing the complaint from WWCW on what was wrong with the video I shot myself.

The best we can figure is that the picture of Psycho and Pappy used at the beginning of the video was taken by someone at WWCW. I got the picture off of Psycho’s myspace which I might add can be viewed and copied my millions of people. There is no visible copyright logo or WWCW logo on the picture so how can it be in violation? If this was a problem then all they had to do was contact me and I would have made a change without any question.

Psycho miscalculated and fell through the top and middle rope almost breaking his neck. This video was made to show that things can and will go wrong from time to time and to show the true dangers of professional wrestling. WWCW has a myspace and one of the blog entries dated Wednesday, May 27, 2009 states that


Thus leaving one to believe the company is closed right? Well I guess not. The company is branching off into MMA and going through a restricting phase right now but the point is this, when a video is posted that can serve as a warning to up and coming wrestlers or just the younger generation that feel they are indestructible you should not puff out your chest and try a power play. Don’t be selfish and self centered, think about the man that could have been injured for life and support the message of “Don’t try this at home”. It’s not about you or your organization or XOW for that matter.

No one knows and no one care when, where or who took that picture……well except for the person or person’s who complained to youtube. The good news is that in just over a day the video had over 400 hits and now a new video has been made using a picture taken by Tia Blaylock and video shot by myself (Billy Russ). Oh before I forget, Permission to use the picture has been granted to me by Tia and Hollywood Jimmy.

Billy Russ
XOW Wrestling