Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Batesville, AR 6.27.09

ASWF Commissioner, play-by-play announcer, and WrestlingNewsCenter.com's very own, "T-Bone" Terrence Ward welcomed everyone to this star-studded event at Riverside Park. Then, T-Bone announced the list of world renown stars that would be competing during the show which included: Jerry "The King" Lawler, Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe, TNA Knockouts, Traci Brooks and Roxxi, and Rick and Scott, The Steiner Brothers reunited!

Just like they do every Saturday night, they started off the show by playing The National Anthem.

Ricky Rowland introduced WWE Hall of Famer, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and T-Bone, who got everyone stoked for some action. "T-Bone" Terrence Ward and "Magic Man" Jimmy Rhodes would be calling the action.

Opening Match-Battle Royal To Decide The #1 Contender For The European Championship Featuring, The Memphis Mafia (Johnny Morton/John Cage), managed by KC Gold, Team Hollister (Jamie Jay/Jamie Lee), The Beach Bums (Mark Wolfe/Kaliki), Silas, Scott Fury, "The Renegade Superstar" Christopher Lee, Mike Anthony, "Hot Rod" John Ellison, and Regulator-It didn't take long for business to pick up in this survival of the fittest. Scott Fury was the first to see his European title hopes fly out the window as he flew over the top-rope. Regulator, Christopher Lee, and Mike Anthony would also suffer the same fate as they were also eliminated. The big man, Silas, towered over the competition and appeared to be the odds on favorite to take home the prize due to his overwhelming size and presence. Silas would spend most of his time fighting off attacks from every direction, but eventually the numbers would catch up with him and be too much to overcome as the rest of the combatants would team up and dump the giant over the ropes. Johnny Morton would eliminate Kaliki. The tag teams featured in this war worked as a cohesive unit. Team Hollister delivered a double dropkick on The Mafia. Beach Bum, Mark Wolfe was eliminated. The final five consisted of Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee from Team Hollister, The Memphis Mafia, Johnny Morton and John Cage, and ASWF Hall of Famer, "Hot Rod" John Ellison. Both members of The Memphis Mafia were eliminated, but as they were complaining on the outside, inside the ring, Jamie Jay pulled down the top-rope for his partner, Jamie Lee, to deliver a flying attack on the Mafia. "Hot Rod" John Ellison would outsmart Jamie Jay by ducking out of the way of his running attack. Jay would also land on The Memphis Mafia on the outside. Your winner and NEW #1 Contender for the European Championship, "Hot Rod" John Ellison!

2nd Match-"Mr. Awesome" Tommy Wayne and his partner, Lil Devil vs ASWF X-Division Champion, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray teaming with Kid J. At the beginning, Tommy Wayne said that Lil Devil is 4X the size of Kid J. When Ray Ray entered the ring, Wayne ducked out, claiming that he, "Couldn't hit his own brother." This sparked a "Chicken" chant from the loud Batesville crowd. Wayne started things off with Kid J. Wayne dropped down on his knees to lock up with Kid J. Wayne would toss J down on the mat, but Kid J would retaliate by slapping Wayne and catching him with a drop toe hold. Lil Devil would try to slam Ray Ray, but Ray would counter with a slam of his own. Lil Devil would have to talk things over with Wayne. Let's see what they came up with. Lil Devil and Ray Ray locked up in a collar and elbow tie up. Lil Devil would try to suplex Ray Ray. Uh-oh! Ray Ray would easily counter with a textbook vertical suplex of his own to Lil Devil. While Ray Ray had Lil Devil in the corner, Tommy Wayne ran with a head of steam, but missed. Tommy Wayne and Lil Devil retreated to the outside. Ray Ray would try to throw his partner Kid J on Wayne and Lil Devil, but Wayne would catch Kid J and throw him down on the grass. Ray Ray would jump out of the ring on to Wayne with a flip. Back inside, Wayne would dodge Ray Ray's corkscrew splash from the top-rope. Double team offense by Wayne and Lil Devil on Ray Ray. Wayne connects with a running knee in the corner. The tag was made sending in the fresher man, but Wayne distracted the ref. Kid J kicked Wayne where the sun doesn't shine. Ray Ray executed a flipping neckbreaker out of the corner to get the win. Your winners, Ray Ray and Kid J!

3rd Match-ASWF European Champion, Tim Hanson vs Current ASWF Champion, Justin "The Juice" Smart. Smart took a moment to inform Hanson how good he is and that Hanson is not in his league. Hanson with his adrenaline pumping, snapped a couple quick arm drags, followed by a side headlock and dropkick on Smart. During Hanson's second attempt at a dropkick, Smart put on the brakes in the ropes and connected with a dropkick of his own. Hanson would try to build a comeback, but Smart stopped it quickly with a poke to the eyes. Justin Smart would deliver a slingshot somersault senton from the apron, following it up with a running elbow drop. Hanson would catch Smart with a sunset flip. While Hanson was talking with the ref, he pushed him out of harm's way. Smart would blast Hanson with the championship belt and make the pin to get the three count. Tim Hanson was busted open from the impact.

"T-Bone" Terrence Ward thanked "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, who was a tremendous help in getting the word out about the show. T-Bone also asked the Batesville, Arkansas crowd to give themselves a round of applause and said that Foghat and The Jimmie Van Zant Band would be taking the stage, later that night, but here at the wrestling, there are some big name superstars in the house!

4th Match-CM2(CM Squared)("The Walking Miracle" Cason McClain and "Big Rig" Cody Murdoch vs Former WCW Superstar, Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell and his partner, "Mr. Muscle" Morgan Williams. Crowd got behind Buff and Morgan. There was a "You Suck" chant for CM Squared. They also called Big Cody Murdoch, "Porkchop". When Cason McClain made the tag to his big partner, Cody Murdoch, Buff decided to help him get in the ring by lifting the ropes. Funny stuff! Buff and Morgan took it to McClain and Murdoch in the early going, but the tide shifted when Morgan was running the ropes and caught a knee to the back. Buff got a "Muscle" chant going to try and revive his partner. McClain caught Morgan with a spinning kick. Again, Buff started a "You Suck" chant directed toward CM2. The big man, Cody Murdoch would spit at Buff, while he was standing in the corner. CM Squared would double team Morgan Williams. Cody Murdoch delivered a devastating spinebuster on Williams. Buff ran in to make the save during the pinfall attempt. Buff would also let Cason McClain know that he is number one. Morgan really needed to make a tag. He took a beaten. Top-rope elbow drop by Cason McClain on Morgan. Morgan Williams started to fight back. Morgan would connect with a diamond cutter on Cody Murdoch and make the tag to Buff. Murdoch would tag in McClain. Buff was on fire, throwing out clotheslines and crashing CM Squared's heads together with a double noggin knocker. Buff punched McClain in the corner, while Morgan punched Murdoch in the corner on the otherside. Buff and Morgan would whip McClain and Murdoch into each other and roll them up with a double school boy for the pin and win. Following the match, Buff hoisted his partner, "Mr. Muscle" Morgan Williams, up on his shoulders to celebrate.

Buff would hang out in the ring during intermission to take pictures with the fans for ten bucks. This would also include getting a free 8x10. Rick and Scott Steiner, The Steiner Brothers would come out to the ring to take part in the meet and greet. You could get your picture with all three for twenty dollars. They made some good money because there was a very long line.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and Johnny Hawk made their way out. "Hollywood" Jimmy was waving the Mississippi state flag. On the mic, "Hollywood" Jimmy demanded that everyone stand up and salute the flag because Mississippi has a better state, better wrestlers, and the best football team than anything that ever came out of Arkansas. Out comes This year's newest WWE Hall of Famer, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware, along with his bird, Frankie. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he had something to say and just because Koko is a WWE Hall of Famer, that don't mean nothing to him because Johnny Hawk is a Mississippi Hall of Famer. "Hollywood" Jimmy continued by saying, "I don't care if PETA is in the crowd, I'm gonna kill that bird!" "Hollywood" took out a rubber chicken and said he's gonna pluck out every feather and that will be the final result. Johnny Hawk said he's the best thing that ever hit that two bit town and, "If y'all don't be quite I will pack my bags and leave!" "Hollywood" Jimmy added, "And never come back!" Koko reminded them that they must have forgotten where they are at. "You are in Razorback Country and they will whip your butt. Koko told "Hollywood" that if he touched him, he would stick that pole where the sun don't shine. Johnny Hawk told Koko, "These redneck inbreds paid to see me! They didn't pay to see you!"

5th Match-Johnny Hawk, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware-When the match got underway, Hawk accused Koko of hitting him with closed fists and pulling his tights. "Hollywood" Jimmy was catching so much heat from the crowd, that he had people pouring water on him just to try and cool him down. Hawk would gain the upper hand. "Hollywood" would choke Koko in the corner with the flag stick. On the outside, Jimmy would continue his assault by blasting Koko with a vicious shot to the back and choking him. Back in the ring, Hawk would put the boots to Koko and distracted the referee, while "Hollywood" struck Koko with the stick, once again. "Hollywood" was beating the hell out of Koko with that stick! Hawk tried to slam Koko, but "The Birdman" reversed it with a small package. "Hollywood" distracted the ref from making the count. Koko caught Hawk with a ddt, "Hollywood" Jimmy jumped up on the apron. Koko knocked Jimmy down and started hitting both "Hollywood" Jimmy and Johnny Hawk with the stick. This led to a disqualification. Then, Koko brought Jimmy into the ring, knocking him down and dropping the elbow between the legs. Before Koko left, he broke the stick holding the Mississippi state flag over his knee.

Demon X walked out for tag team action and grabbed the mic. Demon X introduced his partner, TNA Superstar and The Newest Member of The Main Event Mafia, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe!!! Joe wasn't wearing the face paint.

6th Match-Demon X and Samoa Joe vs The ASWF Tag Team Champions, LSD(Label Social Deviants) (Idol Bane/Cody Only)-Crowd got behind LSD. Demon X and Cody Only began the match. A quick clothesline sends Demon X on the outside. Double team from LSD, while Cody twisted Demon X's arm, Idol Bane flew off with an axe handle. Demon X would fight back with a kick to the mid section and a chop to the throat. Demon X made the tag to Samoa Joe, who, immediately, took it to Bane in the corner with a vengeance. Bane would start a comeback, but would catch a Demon X knee to the back, followed by a flying knee from Joe. Demon X knocked Only off the apron. Samoa Joe would splash Idol Bane in the corner and hit him with a jumping twisting enzuigiri. Joe would strike Bane with some wicked chops that rang throughout Batesville. Idol Bane would fight back, but would get caught in a sleeper by Joe. Bane managed to counter and nailed Joe with a jawbreaker, that opened the door for Bane to make the tag to a fresh Cody Only. Joe tagged in Demon X. Only would catch Dexon X running with a sidewalk slam. Cody Only would also administer an awesome spinebuster on Samoa Joe. Joe would fight back with a kick followed by a senton splash. In the end, Idol Bane pulled his partner, Cody Only, out of the line of fire which sent Demon X colliding into Samoa Joe. LSD would then double team Demon X delivering a face plant to get the win. Following the match, Demon X extended his hand to a disappointed Samoa Joe. Joe shook it, then kicked Demon X in the face and left the ring.

7th Match-TNA Knockouts Action featuring "The Hardcore Knockout" Roxxi vs "The Knockout Law" Traci Brooks-Traci got the crowd going. Just when I thought it couldn't get any hotter out at Riverside Park, it did. Roxxi intended her hand and reeled in Traci by catching her with a knee to the stomach. The crowd started booing Roxxi. Traci would counter with a drop toe hold, sending Roxxi into the ropes. Traci would follow with double knees to the back. After a few arm drags and clotheslines, Roxxi took a breather and started to leave, but Traci caught her. Traci proceeded to carry Roxxi around ringside, throwing her into the rail. Back in the ring, Traci delivered a smokin' hott breast splash or hooter splash, whichever you prefer, on Roxxi in the corner. When she tried it a second time, Roxxi turned things around and hit a splash of her own on Traci. Roxxi choked Traci in the ropes and then took it to Traci on the outside. Roxxi rammed Traci into the ring apron and raked her nails across Traci's back. Roxxi also returned the favor from earlier, by ramming Traci's beautiful face into the guardrail. Traci managed to fight out of the chin lock, but the two Knockouts collided. Traci would connect with a jawbreaker, followed by some chops and a flying lariat. This led to a near fall. Roxxi sent Traci into the corner and delivered a big boot. Roxxi scraped Traci's face across the mat. Traci managed to get up and catch Roxxi from behind, sending Roxxi into the ropes. Roxxi would stop herself in the ropes and would turn around and catch a spear from Traci Brooks, who picked up the win. Your winner, Traci Brooks!

8th Match-Tag Team Action featuring "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane teaming with "Mr. Entertainment" Casino against "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, The Steiner Brothers! Before the match got started, Austin Lane grabbed the mic and told everyone to please shut up and, "For the record, my name is not Monkey Nuts!" That's right he said, Monkey Nuts, folks! I can't make this stuff up. That's definitely a new one. Casino said if you people don't shut up, y'all aren't going to see The Steiner Brothers because they're leaving. They started the leave, but Rick would chase them back into the ring, where Austin would slip while trying to escape Scott. Scott Steiner and Austin Lane started the match. Scott with an arm drag on Austin. Austin accused him of pulling the tights. Scott would slam Austin, who would, again, accuse him of pulling the tights. Then, Austin said Scott ain't got nothing on him and started a pushup contest with "The Genetic Freak". Scott would break that up. Rick would sneak in and catch Austin and Casino with a double clothesline and start barking and posing with Scott. Austin and Casino aborted and went to the outside, requesting a timeout. Once back in the ring, Casino locked up with Rick Steiner. Casino would send Rick into the corner and try to punch him, but Rick countered with a punch of his own. Rick knocked Austin off the apron. Casino would gain the advantage. Austin would hit a cheap shot on Rick, while he tied up in the ropes. Austin and Casino would take it to Rick. Casino flew in with a double axe handle on Rick's arm, which was being twisted by Austin. Rick would fight back, hitting Casino with a trademark Steiner-line, but Casino and Austin would quickly rebound and continue to double team Rick. Austin Lane taunted "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner by doing pushups. Austin would pull his kneepad down and deliver a bone-crushing knee to Rick's skull. Rick would turn things around by catching Austin in mid-air with a scoop slam and followed with a belly to belly suplex. Rick would make the tag to Scott. The Steiner Brothers had Austin's legs set up for a wishbone, but Rick dropped the elbow to Austin's leg. Belly to belly suplex from Scott on Austin. Rick threw Casino on the outside. Scott and Austin followed. Scott would hit Casino with a briefcase. Back in the ring, Scott would deliver many more clotheslines, slams, and suplexes to the team of Lane and Casino. Following an overhead belly to belly suplex, Scott Steiner put away Austin Lane, as he submitted to the Steiner Recliner. Your winners, The Steiner Brothers!

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and X-Kaliber made their way out to the ring. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he's sure everyone is aware of the breaking news that's being reported all over the television and radio airwaves. CNN has even picked up on this story. Jimmy informed us that "Superstar" Bill Dundee was ran off the road in Nashville, Tennessee, earlier today, by Jerry "The King" Lawler. Jimmy added, "This is the worst news since I heard about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett!" "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart came down to the ring. "Hollywood" said that Jimmy Hart is Lawler's good buddy and told Hart this is my time. Jerry "The King" Lawler walks out. "Hollywood" quickly confronted and put "The King" on the spot, by saying, "Tell everyone what you done, you gutless coward! You ran Dundee off the road because you were afraid you would get your butt kicked in the steel cage match!" Before Jerry addressed "Hollywood" Jimmy, he said, "It's great to be back in Batesville, Arkansas!" Then, Jerry said, "You're claiming I ran him off the road in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm from Memphis. Why would I go all the way to Nashville to run him off the road?" "Hollywood" Jimmy response was, "You would do anything to get out of that match with Dundee!" Jerry, then, turned his attention towards X-Kaliber, saying, "There's only one guy that could wear pink and black and that's Bret Hart. Sorry, it's just not working for you. The only thing you look like is something that I have flushed." Jerry asked everyone to look at their watches because this isn't going to take, but two minutes. Jimmy Hart told Lawler, "You can't deprive all these fans that's traveled here of that, so Hart made the match a 2-on-1 Handicap Match with Jerry "The King" Lawler taking on X-Kaliber and his partner, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock with "the Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart as the Special Guest Referee!

Main Event-2-on-1 Handicap Match with Jerry "The King" Lawler taking on X-Kaliber and his partner, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart as Special Guest Referee-Lawler took it to X-Kaliber and then, grabbing "Hollywood", but X-Kaliber would hit Lawler from behind. "Hollywood" Jimmy would try to hit "The King" with his cane, but Jimmy Hart would grab it away from him. "Hollywood" would later sneak up behind Lawler with a chain, but, once again, Jimmy Hart would take it from him. X-Kaliber took it to Lawler in the corner. That mischievous "Hollywood" Jimmy started to prepare some powder to throw in Lawler's eyes, but Jimmy Hart ended up kicking "Hollywood's" arms sending the powder into "Hollywood" Jimmy's own eyes. X-Kaliber punched Jimmy Hart. X-Kaliber and "Hollywood" Jimmy worked together on Lawler in the corner. "Hollywood" delivered a BIG splash on Lawler in the corner. Lawler would mount a comeback, punching X-Kaliber and dropping the strap. While Lawler had "Hollywood" trapped in the corner, "Hollywood" would throw X-Kaliber a set of handcuffs that X-Kaliber used to hit Lawler below the belt. Then, X-Kaliber and "Hollywood" Jimmy would grab Lawler's arm and start to handcuff it to the rope, but in the end in an unprecedented turn of events, it was "Hollywood" Jimmy's hand that was handcuffed to the rope. Jimmy Hart would kick "Hollywood" Jimmy's butt while he was tied up like a wild dog. While this was happening, Jerry "The King" Lawler gave X-Kaliber a Stone Cold Stunner, followed by a fist drop. Lawler finished off X-Kaliber with the piledriver to get the win. Your Winner, Jerry "The King" Lawler! After the match, Jerry Lawler grabbed the cane and was acting like he was going to hit "Hollywood's" head out of the park like his beloved Cleveland Indians. Lawler changed his batting technique and decided to ram the handle of the cane down low into "Hollywood's" records. Then, Lawler continued his assault by breaking the cane over "Hollywood" Jimmy's neck. Jerry would give the broken cane to a kid in the crowd that had a Lawler Rules sign. Very entertaining main event! Good stuff.

"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart told everyone to get ready for the big music extravaganza, coming up next with Foghat and Jimmie Van Zant! "T-Bone" Terrence Ward and "Magic Man" Jimmy Rhodes thanked everyone for coming out and said you can check out ASWF Wrestling every Saturday night in Tuckerman, Arkansas, at The Valiant Arena.

For more information on ASWF Wrestling, check out their official website at aswfwrestling.tripod.com. You can also find ASWF on myspace at www.myspace.com/aswfwrestling and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/aswfwrestling

There was a tremendous crowd at the show. Probably somewhere around the 1,000-1,200 range. "T-Bone" will have the actual number, later tonight.

Following wrestling, we got to check out the Foghat concert. AWESOME! After Foghat performed, T-Bone and I got to plug WrestlingNewsCenter.com up on the stage, in front of all the Southern Rock fans before The Jimmie Van Zant Band took the stage! Special thanks to Classic Rock 93 KZLE for letting us spread the word!

Be sure and check back for all the great pictures that Tia took of this HUGE event!

ASWF Wrestling At The Batesville Family Fun Fest-Good Call

Credit: D-Rock @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com

----Not sure about the crowd number, but last year I was told around 7000 were there for the show. If so, then this was not even close to that many people?? But, maybe were are talking only about those watching wrestling??...I hate that I missed some of this show, especially Joe vs LSD and Lane bumping for the Steiners. I would have loved to have seen Joe kick Demon X. LOL...I also hate that I missed what is being called a CLASSIC - Johnny Hawk vs Koko Ware. LOL Sorry I could not resist.