Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman 6.13.09

Just like we do every Saturday night we started off the show with the playing of the national anthem.

Our first match was between Judgment and Mark Wolfe. However, when both men got to the ring there was no referee. Just as the match was about to be called off, Morgan Williams would take to the ring as the special guest referee. As you could have probably guessed it Mark would be at a disadvantage throughout the entire match. Although he would come out string with a fierce arm drag and a hip toss to Judgment, X-Kaliber would interfere in the match and begin to attack Mark with the help of Morgan, Athena Eclipse, and Judgment. Well it wasn’t to long before Tim Hanson would come to the ring with the returning Mike Anthony. X-Kaliber would challenge Tim Hanson to the European Title later in the evening.

The second match was a cat fight involving Nikki Lane and Angelina. These two have been fighting so ferociously these past couple of weeks it is unbelievable. The two would begin to fight but again there was no referee to be found. That would soon change when Austin Lane, who I am assuming was looking for some revenge for last week, came to the ring to announce that he was the referee for the match. Angelina would begin the match with a strong hold on Nikki Lane. Both Angelina and Nikki Lane would exchange side headlocks, hip tosses, and a few snap mare takedowns. Angelina would start to pull the match in her favor until Nikki would begin to draw energy from the crowd and regain control of this match. That would be short lived with the interference of Mac Daddy and Midnight Gold’s, Greg Anthony, Bobby Eaton, and Brian Thompson and would start attacking Austin Lane. Austin would challenge them to a match later in the evening. This match would result in a no contest.

The third match was for the Tag Team Titles. Christopher Lee would take on LSD in a Handicap Match. Lee stated that he was alone because his partner, Cody Meade, was a no show and he would be a man and defend his titles. To everyone’s surprise Christopher Lee would get the advantage early in the match and get off to a great start. However just like the story of David and Goliath he would face insurmountable odds against the ASWF’s biggest tag team duo. To Lee’s disappointment his story would not end quite the same. Cody Only and Idol Bane would get the upper hand later in the match and just when you thought they were getting started, Cody Only would land his finisher the LTO on Lee getting the win.

Our fourth match tonight was for the ASWF Heavyweight Title. Tommy Wayne would take on Justin “The Juice” Smart after weeks of trying to keep his title in his possession. And tonight would be not different, as Smart would bring out Chuck Fears as the special guest referee. Tommy would look almost like he wasn’t a 100% this week. Smart would take control early and not give it back. Smart being a former ASWF Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, he was defiantly prepared for this match. Smart would plant his “Roll the Dice” move on Tommy Wayne and get the three count, making him the new ASWF Champion.

Tonight’s fifth match was the Special Weapons Match between the X-Division Champion Ray Ray and Regulator. Ray challenged Regulator last week to a special weapons match and that if Regulator was going to bring a chair he was bringing a barbwire bat. Ray also announced that he was bringing Tommy Wayne as the special guest referee. Just as Ray was making it to the ring Regulator would come and attack Ray from behind. Regulator would go to pile drive Ray on the announcers table but would be countered by Ray with an impressive back body drop. Ray would then bring Regulator back into the ring and capitalize by give the chops heard around the world. Regulator would somehow be able to regain control after a devastating chair shot to Ray Ray. Regulator would then take Ray’s weapon of choice and use it causing blood to pour from the face of Ray. Even through Ray’s crimson mask he would land a frog splash and get the win. At the end you would expect Ray and Tommy to hug and celebrate his victory in his match. That could not be farther from the truth. Tommy would attack Ray and after that attack would ask, where were you when I needed you tonight? Who know what next week will hold in store.

The Feature Match was for European Gold as X-Kaliber would take on the defending champion Tim Hanson. Hanson would start off great with a textbook dropkick putting X-Kaliber on the ground. Hanson would be really dishing out the punishment to X-Kaliber, so fast in fact X-Kaliber still had his ring attire on! Whenever Morgan Williams and Athena Eclipse are in your opponent’s corner you can almost guarantee you can’t count on a fair fight. X-Kaliber would enlist the help of Morgan and Athena to cheat in the match. However out of nowhere Hanson would roll X-Kaliber up and get the one, two, three.

Our Semi-Main Event would take place with Team Hollister (Jamie Jay/Jamie Lee) against CM2 (CM Squared) (Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain). Jamie Lee would start off the match against Cody Murdoch but would hold his own against the 290+ Cody Murdoch. However, the tide would turn against him. Murdoch and McClain would dish out brute force against the young Jamie Lee. Jamie Lee would eventually be able to escape the clutches of Murdoch and get a tag to Jamie Jay. Jay would come out like a bat out of h*** knocking Murdoch and McClain to the ground. Jamie Jay would loose his steam and would be right where Murdoch wanted him. Murdoch would pin Jamie Jay giving CM2 the win.

The Main Event was truly the icing on the cake. Midnight Gold and Mac Daddy with Angelina and Brian Thompson would take on Austin Lane, Demon X, and Johnny Harper along with Nikki Lane in their corner. Demon X would start off the match against Mac Daddy. Demon X would come off to a great start but a tag by Mac Daddy to “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony would help Midnight Gold to gain the advantage, with Brian Thompson’s help of course. Just as the heat was being brought down on Demon X he would tag in Austin Lane for a fresh partner. Lane would really start to put the hurt on Greg Anthony, but Anthony would tag in Beautiful Bobby Eaton to regain control of the match. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Demon X, Lane, and Harper, Midnight Gold would do as they do best, cheat. Chaos would breakout in and out of the ring. But in all of the confusion Demon X would get the pin over Mac Daddy. When Thompson realized that they had lost, he went ballistic. He began to tell the Commissioner that he wasn’t going to live up to the stipulation that they agreed to. This was that if Midnight Gold lost Thompson would get 10 lashes from Nikki Lane. He of course tried to weasel his way out of it, but Commissioner Ward stated that since he lost that the stipulation would be enforced or he was suspended indefinitely. Thompson and Midnight Gold would storm out of ringside leaving the winners in the ring.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----176 to 200 in the building...Tommy Wayne turn was a surprise...Wayne/Lil Devil vs Ray Ray/Kid J added to July 27th show and also Brian Christopher/Tim Hanson vs Justin Smart/Regulator.