Tuesday, June 09, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 6.06.09

All I can say is what a show we had tonight, even with Port Fest around the corner! Our show started off with the playing of the national anthem followed by a 10 Bell Salute for the uncle of Commissioner Terrence Ward and "The Suicide King" Ray Ray. Robert Pickrell was a former manager for ASWF's HOF's Dirty Little Dave and The Midnight Special. He will be truly missed by all.

Our first match of the night was a ladies match between Nikki Lane and Angelina. This match was all but short of an all out cat fight. After Angelinas victory last week, Nikki was ready for some revenge. However, victory would fall short for Nikki Lane as Johnny Hawk would take to the ring and begin to sexually harrass Lane. He told her that she has always wanted him and that she should kiss him. After a slap to the face he would grab ahold of Nikki and Angelina would begin to slap her over and over again. The referee would declare a no contest before the assault by Angelina due to time limit. Hawk would then begin to taunt Nikki and would go to hit her just before Austin Lane would come to the rescue. Austin would challenge Hawk to a match later in the evening.

The second match of the night would be between Demon X and MacDaddy. After last weeks match you would think that MacDaddy would stay home and count his blessings. Well not really. MacDaddy would prove to be the strongest in this match taking control very early until he used his patented branding iron and give the win to Demon X by DQ.

Tonight third match was a tag team match between LSD (Cody Only/Idol Bane) and Cason McClain/Cody Murdoch. You would think that with Cody Murdoch in McClains corner he would just concentrate on the match, but noooo. Cason would begin to taunt Idol Bane by doing push ups in the middle of the ring! Well after a quick tag to Cody Murdoch, I guess he realized his mistake, would begin to do the SAME THING! Well after about five minutes of taunting LSD would really start to get things done. Cody Only would plant the LTO (Limited Time Only) on Cason McClain and get the 1, 2, 3.

The fourth match was for the European Championship. Tim Hanson would go toe to toe with Hot Rod John Ellison (C). Tim Hanson would be on top throughout his match. Hot Rod would eventually try to get the referee distracted like last week and toss the belt to Hanson. He would then fall to the ground as if Hanson hit him with the belt. Well to Hot Rod's suprise the referee saw the exchange and when he turned his back to time keeper to make sure the belts stay on the table Hanson would use the belt and get the victory and the title.

Our fifth match was for Tag Team Gold! X-Kaliber and Morgan Williams with Athena Eclipse would take on Christopher Lee and Cody Meade. The former "American Degenerates" would stay on top. Until the action went in and out of the ring. Meade would come back in the ring with Williams and make him hit "rock bottom". X-Kaliber would come in to try to save his partner from the elbow which was to follow and would recieve a HUGE STUNNER instead of a paycheck! Meade would get the pin and secure the Tag Team Titles for himself and Lee.

Our feature match of the night was between Austin Lane and Johnny Hawk. Hawk, who I mentioned earlier, was not on good terms with Austin. Austin would try to gain any momentum he could but just could not cling on. Hawk would try everything from using the bell hammer to his teeth to inflict punishment on Lane. He stated that he was going to pay for his sins and so was his wife. Austin would finally get a boost from the crowd and was able to secure his win against Johnny Hawk. However after the match was over, Commissioner Ward would tell Hawk that since he was talking about Austin paying for his sins he would too. The Commissioner would state that he made his bed and now he was going to sleep in it. Hawk would be suspended for one week. And from what we could tell this is only the begining.

The semi-main event was for the X-Division Title. "The Suicide King" Ray Ray would defend his title against Regulator, a former X-Division champion as well. You could tell by the speed and shear pain dished out in this match that Regulator bit off more than he could chew. Ray would eventually get the win, but Regulator would use a steal chair not once but twice against the champion. Ray was finally helped up by the Commissioner and stated that next week he challenged Regulator to a special weapons match, where each superstar bring thier weapon of choice.

Our main event was a match that put you at the edge of your seat. Tommy Wayne would put the Heavywieght Title on the line against Justin "The Juice" Smart. Smart who over the last couple of weeks possessed the belt thinking that would automaticlly make him the champion. Smart, who is a former ASWF Champion, would let out an assault againt Tommy. Through many parts of the match the win for Tommy seamed real grim. However, just like the pheonix that rises from its ashes, Tommy would make a full comback with the fans behind him 100%. Tommy would nail the victory with a solid 1, 2, 3.

Credit: Terrance Ward @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com