Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 6.20.09

Just like we do every Saturday night we started off the show with the playing of the national anthem.

Our first match of the night was Regulator taking on the ASWF newcomer Cody Meade. Regulator would start of strong in this match almost not even giving Cody a time to rest. Just when you thought Meade was out for good, he would take the lead and capitalize on Regulator, but his momentum would be stopped when Ego Trip (X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams) would take to the ring with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock to interfere and beat up Meade. Meade would win by DQ.

Just after the match had ended and everyone had proceeded to the back. Brian Thompson, who was supposed to recieve ten lashes from Austin and Nikki Lane, came to the ring with Angelina to try and weasel his way out of it. Commissioner Terrence Ward would tell Thompson that he would take the licks or be suspended perminantly from the ASWF. Thompson would chicken out of five lashes giving them to Angelina who would recieve her punishment from Austin Lane. However when Nikki would get her turn on Thompson she would use a VERY large belt and cause Brian to go into a rage. Johnny Hawk and Midnight Gold would storm to the ring and begin attacking Austin and Nikki. They would eventually get some aid from Demon X and Johnny Harper. Lane would challenge them to a match later that evening and Harper would tell Hawk that he would close the Final Chapter of Mexicanos.

The second match was Christian Jacobs taking on the X-Division Champion Ray Ray. Jacobs would start off very nice in this match taking Ray to the edge. Jacobs strength against Ray would not enable Ray to use his speed and size to out manuvere the 220+ pound Jacobs. Ray would finally be able to start getting a lead but would be attacked by Tommy Wayne who had a pair of brass knuckles. Ray would win by DQ and challenge Tommy to a match next week.

Our third match was a Tag Team Match between Ego Trip and the Beach Bums. Kaliki would start off this match taking on Morgan Williams and would come off to a great start. Ego Trip, with the help of Athena Eclipse and Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, would gain control of the match and take home the victory after a not so grueling match. As they were attacking the Beach Bums saying that this is what Jerry Lawler was going to get next Saturday, The King's music would begin to play but he wasn't coming out.

Our next match was between Tommy Wayne and the returning Mike Anthony. As Mike was making his way to ringside Tommy would say that he was not under a contract and he would not face Anthony. Commissioner Ward would then pull out a contract for Anthony to sign and the match would then officially begin. Throughout this entire match you could tell that Tommy appeared to have bitten off more than he could chew. Everytime Anthony would gain control Tommy would work his way out of the ring to a more safer environment. Tommy would eventually gain control of the match and lowblow Anthony giving Mike the win by DQ. However for Mike Anthony things were only beginning. Silas a name and person that we have not seen in a long time had returned to finish business he started before Mike's disappearance from the ASWF. Silas would leave Mike Anthony battered but not broken.

Our Feature match of the night was for the Tag Team Titles. As you can see above it was almost every man for himself. The match was originally between LSD (Cody Only/Idol Bane) and CM2 (Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain) but Christopher Lee and Cody Meade would issue a rematch after losing their titles last week. Lee would then ask the Commissioner to make it a Triple Threat to which he would agree. Lee and Idol Bane would start off this match, but as you could have guessed it, it became a free-for-all. The referee would lose control of the match with superstars in and out of the ring. Just as everyone was getting back up from Idol's splash from the side of the ring, Murdoch would take and throw himself on top of the superstars below. McClain and Cody Only would make their way back into the ring. Cody Only would Irish Whip McClain into ropes and deliver an LTO and get the 1, 2, 3.

The semi-main event would be the ASWF HOF Hot Rod John Ellison taking on Sancho Libre. This match would prove to be short live for Sancho Libre, Hot Rod would deliver a match ending Superkick and get the pin in what had to be his quickest match this year.

Just after the match had finished Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and X-Kaliber would call the Commissioner Terrence Ward to the ring. Hollywood would go on to say that Terrence had been telling everyone on the internet and at Valiant Arena that he was to blame for his recent surgery. Blaylock would then take the end of his cane and hit Ward in the throat.

As X-Kaliber was about to start beating the Commissioner to a pulp Jimmy noticed blood coming from Terrence's mouth. X-Kaliber would begin his assault anyways causing who knows how much more damage to the Commissioner. After the assault was complete Ricky Rowland would call security to help the wounded and bleeding Commissioner to the back to try and help the critical situation. After Ward was taken to the back Hollywood Jimmy would take to the Announcers table with Magic Man Jimmy Rhodes to finish the night announcing the main event.

The final match of the evening was Midnight Gold/Johnny Hawk vs Johnny Harper/Demon X/Austin Lane. The match was an all out battle between these superstars. There was action all over the ring. With the help of Angelina and Brian Thompson Midnight Gold would gain an upper hand but not for too long. Harper would get the advantage and pin Bobby Eaton for the victory over Midnight Gold.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----Oh Me!! I know Eaton probably volunteered to the do the job, but why to Johnny Harper?? LOL Wouldn't Johnny Hawk just be great in the "Big Bubba" role with the "Midnight Gold"?? Please laugh, because that is a joke!!...I was surprised to see Mike Anthony return. He has been a mainstay with RWA since leaving here.