Monday, June 08, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 6.06.09

1st match: Gunner Thompson vs Tim Edwards. Jason the Brain and Lil Bit came out towards the end to got Gunner’s attention while Tim Edward used the REDRUM on him for the win.

2nd match: Norrin Rad vs Tigerface baby vs baby good fast pace match Tigerface won with swanton off top rope.

3rd match “Legends of Dyersburg” match Motley Cruz vs Sarge O’Reilly. Motley came out at the beginning of the show and challenged O’Reilly. Mickey wasn’t there due to the beat down from Fire and Flame last week. Good strong match. The crowd was into this match chanting “FOP” but in the end Lil Bit, Jason the Brain and mad Money Mike got the referee’s attention and Motley beat down Sarge. All heels beat him till the faces made the save. They left Sarge in bloody mess.

4th Match: Fire and Flame beat “The Good Ol’Boys” [Shannon Lee/Gaylon Ray] in non-title tag team match. Hell of a match. Fire and Flame had Jason the Brain in their corner and the quickness of the champions was too much for Fire and Flame. Back and forth heat in Gaylon hot tag to Lee and they cleaned house with Fire/Flame going over with cheat.

Main Event Chris Rocker vs Brandon Barbwire In the end Rocker hit the big frog splash and Lil Bit got the referee’s attention and the Brain hit Rocker from behind the match was thrown out and Lil Bit and Jason the Brain was suspended.

----126 in the building 91 paid…Lee and Ray are the new tag champs with AJ Ray leaving Gaylon to go to NBW. I have been the last two weeks they are having the best bouts here.