Monday, June 29, 2009

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 6.27.09 - 1st TV Tapings!!

EPW taped their first two TV shows Saturday night in front of a loud and lively crowd in Booneville.

Show #1:

"Prime Time" (Nick Grimes & David Andrews) defeated STD (LSD & PCP). This match had a crazy finish - watch the broadcast to see what happened.

Hakim Insane (w/Osama Insane) stole a victory from Rick Morgan. Rick was not happy, and I don't blame him for being mad. Watch to find out what happened.

Bonecrusher won a handicap match over Kilo Green & Lightning.

New Kids (Cassanova Kid & Tysin Starr) defeated Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz Stone). There were some unusual stipulations to the match - watch to see what Cyrus & Chazz had to do after the match.

Show #2:

Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) defeated PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) to win the EPW Tag Team belts. Great match! Be sure to watch it when it airs.

Soultaker destroyed his opponent in what may be the shortest match in EPW history. Watch to see who was on the receiving end of Soultaker's wrath and see just how quickly the match ended.

Gino Sydal pulled off an upset by defeating David Andrews (w/Nick Grimes). Watch to see how this one went down - Geno took advantage of a situation and got the win.

Buzz Harley vs. JR Mauler - in a steel cage- loser retires from wrestling - this was an awesome match, as brutal and bloody as it gets. In the end, JR mauler won the match. Watch to see how it all went down - great match!

There were around 100 in the building, I did not get a chance to do a head count.

The first EPW show will air Wednesday night, 7-15-09, at 10:30 p.m. on My Mississippi Network. That's the same station WWE Smackdown is aired on, so if you are in Mississippi and you can get Smackdown, you can get EPW Wrestling. In Tupelo it's Comcast channel 3.

Congrats to EPW on their success!

No EPW show Saturday, July 4. EPW returns to Booneville Saturday, 7-11-09 with another TV taping at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville. Don't miss the action!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis

----I honestly wish this group luck with TV, but after seeing the results of the first two shows, there might be one good match on both shows. I would not ever put a cage match on TV. This group might do better doing a magazine like format TV putting over results and feuds. That would take a strong announcer personality and guys that could do promos though...I do know that Dustin Burcham is doing some of the production and his stuff has been good on the I have seen....Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM is going to be a hard time slot also...I know "Axeman" has been probably told to post the results the way he did, since they want people to watch the TV, but it is not a good way to post them for 90% of the others that will not get to watch the TV.