Thursday, June 11, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 6.06.09

The tag team of Premiere Brutality come out to address about 130 fans as the National Anthem plays in the background. Eric Wayne says that everyone saw what happened last week where Premiere Brutality scored a victory over Genocide, and their hands were raised. He says that no matter what they do, they do not get rewarded for it. Wayne says that ever since they've arrived at EWE, they've carved a path of destruction, and until they get a tag team championship match, they're going on strike in the middle of the ring. Wayne and Nikels say that there will not be a show until the tag team titles are brought out and they get a title shot against Picture Perfect. Commissioner Dustin Baker comes to the ring, saying that he doesn't need anyone on the EWE staff going on strike. Commissioner Baker says that tonight, there will be a Number 1 Contender match that will start right now, and points to the ramp to show Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels their opponents. Genocide's music hits as The Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin make their way to the ring, causing Wayne and Nikels to hit the arena floor. In the end, it is Genocide scoring the pinfall and the victory over Premiere Brutality. While Genocide celebrates in front of the camera, Eric Wayne comes up from behind and attacks Maxx Corbin from behind, sending him to the mat. Rhino comes over to Corbin's side, but Corbin is motionless. Security and referees escort Corbin to the back.

J.R. Manson makes his way to the ring, but quickly steps out to grab the mic. He says that all the fans that were involved in the Fans Strap Match last week were weak, that there were no marks left on his body this week. Jon Michael makes his way around the ring to begin his match with Manson. Jon Michael def. J.R. Manson via pinfall.

Mark Tipton makes his way into the ring to talk with Jon Michael. He congratulates Michael on his victory against Scott Adams last week at MAYHEM, and that officially makes Jon Michael 52-0 in the EWE. Tipton asks Michael if the situation between him and Adams was over with. Michael says that last week, he finally found out how much of a man he is, and that Adams can't beat Jon Michael. Mark asks what's next for Jon Michael. Michael says that he is undefeated in the EWE, and if anyone wants to put a 1 in that column of losses to come test him.

Stan Lee makes his way to the ring next. He asks if everyone had fun last week, because he sure did. He defended his title against Dustin "Five" Starr, and came away the champ. Bishop's music hits and he makes his way slowly into the ring next to the EWE Heavyweight Champion. Bishop congratulates Lee on defending his title, and calls Lee "Great." Bishop says that the two of them have had great matches in the past, and requests a title match. Krisis comes to the ring, joining Lee and Bishop. Krisis says that the last person that deserves a title shot is Bishop, and that he was the original holder of the Elite 8 ticket. Lee grabs the mic and says that both of these guys are well deserving, and he isn't scheduled for a match tonight, so he suggests a triple threat match. Bishop agrees to the match and Krisis just stands in place as Lee says that he'll take his silence as a yes. Lee says that this triple threat match will start right now as Mark Tipton rings the bell. In the middle of the match, Krisis apparently suffers some kind of injury and leaves the arena. Stan Lee scores the pinfall, retaining his EWE Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Lee and Bishop stand in the middle of the ring and pose for pictures for the fans. Bishop reaches out to shake Stan Lee's hand, but grabs him and sends him airborne and back down to the mat. Bishop grabs the mic and says that he can't believe that for one minute anyone thought that he cared about what anyone else thinks, and that all he cares about is the belt. He makes his way to the back as Lee regroups, grabs the mic, and says "I should have listened."

Ike Tucker def. Storm via pinfall.

Commissioner Dustin Baker comes back out to let the fans know that Maxx Corbin has been taken to a Jackson hospital for evaluation, and that Premiere Brutality will win the title shot by default. The Albino Rhino comes out and says that Maxx is on his way to Jackson General, but the reason he's not here is because of Eric Wayne. Rhino says that he knows that it's in the rules that a Tag Team Title match has to be two-on-two, but he's better than Premiere Brutality together. Premiere Brutality comes out and says that it's their match, and they're now the number 1 contenders. Commissioner Baker says that all 3 men in the ring have put him in a very tough situation, and it's not fair to the EWE staff, superstars, or the fans for Premiere Brutality to win by default. He says that it will be The Albino Rhino will team up with Eric Wayne to face Picture Perfect. If The Albino Rhino scores the pinfall on either Christian Jacobs or Chris O'Neal, Genocide will win the Tag Team Championships, and if Eric Wayne scores a pinfall on one of the two, Premiere Brutality will win the titles. Eric says that it isn't fair to Kid Nikels for him not to be able to compete twice when Eric Wayne does, but Baker says that Nikels is going to be in a singles match with The Baron Malkavain, starting now. Before the match gets underway, Commissioner Baker ejects Eric Wayne from ringside, and the bell rings. The Baron Malkavain scores the pinfall on Kid Nikels.

Eric Wayne and The Albino Rhino make their way to the ring. Eric Wayne tries to shake hands with Rhino, but he'll have no part of it. Picture Perfect make their way to the ring. After a few aggressive tags between The Albino Rhino and Eric Wayne and after The Albino Rhino gets tangled in the ropes, Christian Jacobs hits a spear on Eric Wayne and scores the pinfall. Picture Perfect retains their Tag Team Championships and make their way to the back as Eric Wayne runs to the back trying to escape The Albino Rhino.

Credit: Dustin Williams

----This is the second week in a row that Maxx Corbin has went down. I am not sure if past injuries are keeping him from working, but the whole Albino/Wayne as tag partners did not even seem fun to me. If Maxx is injured - have Albino feud against someone else and put PP vs PB...I thought they were going to try to push Bishop as a baby??...Michael is doing the Goldberg gimmick with the winning record. Could be fun...I am also hearing rumors that EWE may go bi-weekly during the summer.