Thursday, June 18, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 6.13.09 - Results, O'Neal Update and Opinion On Injury!!

Commissioner Dustin Baker makes his way out to the ring, getting the crowd of about 75 rowdy and ready for another night of EWE action. He goes on to say that Ike Tucker, The Baron Malkavain, and Jon Michael will be in action, as well as a non-title match between Stan Lee and Bishop. He goes to start the show, but Premiere Brutality come to the ring. Eric Wayne comes wielding a baseball bat. The chants “Eric Sucks” and “Kid Nikels Sucks” come over the crowd. Baker says he doesn’t have time for this, and starts to leave the ring, but is stopped by Wayne’s bat. Nikels grabs the mic and says that this place should be called the butcher shop, because they’ve caused so much destruction and put so many people in the hospital. Eric Wayne says that they haven’t been rewarded for what they’ve done, but they still don’t have a title shot. They ask what Commissioner Baker wants to do about it, but Baker reminds them what they did to put Maxx Corbin in the hospital. Wayne circles Commissioner Baker with the bat in hand. Baker says that he’ll give them their title shot, but it will be in a singles match. It’ll be Kid Nikels vs. Chris O’Neal and Eric Wayne vs. Christian Jacobs, and if both members of Premiere Brutality win their matches, they will become undisputed number 1 contenders. Commissioner Baker starts to make his way to the back, but Wayne and Nikels corner him with the bat to his throat. Tag team champions Picture Perfect come to the ring to help Baker. Premiere Brutality doesn’t struggle very long and make their way to the back, but not before Chris O’Neal suffers an injury to his right knee. Christian Jacobs is assisted by security to take O’Neal outside to be taken to a local hospital. It is unclear what happened to his knee exactly at this time, but updates will be posted to as soon as they become available.

Jon Michael def. Rockin’ Randy via pinfall.

J.R. Manson is set to go against Ike Tucker next. Before the match begins, Tucker grabs the mic and says that they’ve tied up on numerous occasions during the past year, and that Manson has been on the victorious side lately, but he has to use things like powder and straps. Tucker says that Manson has gotten over on the blues man before, but not tonight. Everyone is used to the blues man shuckin’ and jivin’, but he’s going to show Manson what the blues is about. Manson takes a bag of powder in his towel he brought to ringside and throws it toward Tucker, but it hits the referee instead. Tucker pins Manson, but the referee makes his way out of the ring and calls for the bell, giving Ike Tucker the win by disqualification. Tucker argues with the referee, saying he didn’t want to win by disqualification, and as Ike turns around to look at Manson, J.R. begins an assault on Tucker. After attacking the blues man for a while, he makes his way to the back with Ike Tucker following at a distance.

Premiere Brutality makes their way back to the ring for the next match, which was scheduled to be Kid Nikels vs. Chris O’Neal. Commissioner Baker comes out and reluctantly gives Nikels the victory by forfeit. Nikels grabs the mic and tells Baker to play Chris O’Neals music to give him a chance to show up. O’Neal doesn’t show, but Nikels still insists on giving him to the count of ten to enter the ring. Commissioner Baker sends a referee to the ring to start the match, and the referee gives the full ten count, giving Kid Nikels the official victory over Chris O’Neal. Eric Wayne grabs the mic and says that it’s one down and one to go, and Christian Jacobs is next.

The Baron Malkavain def. Storm by pinfall. After the match, Baron grabs the mic, saying that there’s a saying that goes “History tends to repeat itself.” He says that it has happened again, with his undefeated record in the EWE. He says that he recalls someone saying that if they want to put a one in their loss column, to come get some. He drops the mic and leaves the arena.

Eric Wayne and Christian Jacobs make their way to the ring for their match. Jacobs has a look on his face of pure hatred as he makes his way down to the ring, then following Eric Wayne out the back side of the ring. At one point, Wayne places Jacobs on the bleachers and goes for a splash, but Jacobs quickly moves and Wayne hits the bleachers full force. In the end, it will be the use of his baseball bat that the referee did not see that would give him the victory over Christian Jacobs. This victory makes Premiere Brutality the undisputed number one contenders for the EWE Tag Team Championship.

Stan Lee makes his way to the ring for his match, then Bishops music plays. After a while, his music cuts and Dustin Starr's music plays. Starr looks at Stan and asks him if he was expecting Bishop. He says that everyone thought Bishop was a nice guy, until he dropped Lee on his head. Starr says that he told Bishop to drop Lee, and he told Bishop to stay at home tonight because nobody wants to see a non-title match against Lee and Bishop. He says that everyone is in a dilemma, and the company is in a dilemma because there’s no main event, then tells everyone to go home and he makes his way up the ramp. Just as he gets to the top of the ramp, then turns around and says since they don’t have a main event and he’s got all his gear on, why not have a MAYHEM rematch. He tells Lee to put the title on the line and give the fans what they want. Lee goes to the crowd and starts asking random fans what they want, and all of them agree to have a title match. The bout gets underway with both men showing an incredible amount of strength. Starr goes to nail Lee with a clothesline, but Lee ducks out of the way and gets the referee instead. Both Starr and Lee leave the ring, but Lee is thrown back into the ring as Starr grabs the EWE title and goes to hit Lee with it, but Lee manages to counter the attack and send Starr to the mat. After a few seconds, Lee gets up to help the referee, but Starr grabs the title once again and hits Lee in the head, knocking him out. The referee regroups and makes his way over to the two men and gives Starr the three count, giving him the victory over Stan Lee. Your winner, and new EWE Heavyweight Champion, Dustin “Five” Starr.

During the benefit show for Tank, Dustin “Five” Starr def. Derrick King to retain the EWE Heavyweight Championship.

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UPDATE ON CHRIS O’NEAL – As of 6\18\09 @ 12:00 midnight, Chris O’Neal has had an MRI done, and is scheduled to have surgery on Friday the 19th. There is no word as of yet on how long O’Neal will be out of action. More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.


(This is just my own opinion) I took the master copy of the video and slowed it down to super slow speed. It looked like Christian Jacobs gave Eric Wayne a clothesline, Wayne dropped to the mat, but he tripped up O’Neal, causing him to stumble and fall. It looks like he rolled it pretty bad, adding to the existing injury he already had.

Credit: Dustin Williams