Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley,TN 6.27.09

There's a rowdy crowd of about 50 fans in the arena tonight as Dustin "Five" Starr comes out to gloat about his victory over Stan Lee 2 weeks ago before his match against The Kid. Starr makes quick work of his opponent, quickly taking him down via pinfall. After the match, he begins another segment of the Five Starr Showcase. He says that tonight is a big night, and that there's a big celebration going on because of the biggest thing that has happened to him, the fans, and the company. He says it's because he beat Stan Lee 1,2,3 in the ring 2 weeks ago. Stan Lee's music hits and Starr scrambles out to the arena floor. Lee says that he's out here for his title rematch, and he wants it tonight. Starr says he came out to celebrate his victory over Lee, and wanted to have a glass of champagne, but there's no alcohol allowed in the building. He also wanted a huge fireworks celebration, but it was a fire code violation, so he grabs a bag of confetti and throws it around the ring, saying that this is the only thing he can do. He also compares Lee's wrestling skills to the confetti; boring and dull. Starr says that Lee doesn't deserve a title shot, and if he even thinks about wanting his title back, Lee will have to go through Bishop. Starr says that if Lee wins his match against Bishop, then he swears on his hair that he'll get a rematch. Lee tells Starr to make sure the belt is shined up real nice to go back around his waist.

Rockin' Randy comes out for his match against The Baron Malkavain. Baron's music hits, but is nowhere to be seen. The referee begins the 10 count to allow Baron to join the match. The referee gets to the count of 9 before Baron makes his way to the ring. The Baron Malkavain would get the victory over Rockin' Randy via pinfall.

Craven makes his way to the ring to a hearty welcome by the fans. He says that he just flew back from Afghanistan and wanted to tell everyone to come out to EWE every other Saturday until August 1st when the EWE will go back to a regular schedule. Craven thanks the fans and makes his way up the ramp as Commissioner Dustin Baker comes down, shakes his hand, and makes his way to the ring. He came out to the ring to address the fans concerning Chris O'Neal. He says that O'Neal has suffered a severe knee injury that will put him out of the ring for a year. He invites the other half of the EWE tag team champions Christian Jacobs to the ring. Baker says that he has talked it over with the EWE staff and authorities about what to do about the tag team titles, and says that Picture Perfect can keep the titles for 30 days. After 30 days, either Jacobs could defend the titles by himself, or he would have to forfeit the belts. Premiere Brutality makes their way to the ring, asking "Where's Chris O'Neal?" Baker says he has a question. He asks everyone how they feel about the saying "An eye for an eye" tonight. Eric Wayne says that he has perfect 20\20 vision. Baker says if he has 20\20 vision, he should have seen this coming. Baker says that Eric Wayne will be in a handicap match against Genocide tonight. Baker then says that Kid Nikels will have a match against Christian Jacobs, but Nikels will have one arm tied behind his back.

Kid Nikels and Christian Jacobs begin their match next, with Nikels left arm tied behind his back. After the two go back and fourth for a while, Nikel's arm comes loose from the restraint. A referee comes from the back to talk with the current authority of the match, but as they were talking, Christian Jacobs runs into the official referee of the match, knocking him out. He has enough energy to call for the bell, calling the match as no contest. After the match, Premiere Brutality traps Jacobs in the ropes as Eric Wayne gears up to strike him with a bat. Genocide runs out to help Jacobs, but both men flee the ring. Jacobs manages to grab Wayne's tights and throws him back into the ring where Genocide sends Wayne directly in the path of a spear delivered by Jacobs, then The Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin send Eric Wayne crashing back down to the mat yet again. Jacobs manages to slide in one more hit before Wayne crawls and scrapes his way to the back.

J.R. Manson makes his way to the arena floor, where he grabs a mic and challenges Jon Michael, and says that he can stop his undefeated streak in the EWE.

Genocide makes their way to the ring, followed by a crippled Eric Wayne. Wayne says that he is unable to compete due to the beating he just received by Genocide and Christian Jacobs. Baker comes to ringside and says that he will compete, and that it will be a no disqualification match, then bans Kid Nikels from ringside. Maxx Corbin throws Eric Wayne in to the ring as the bell rings to start the match. After The Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin do a substantial amount of damage to Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels comes down the ramp, causing a distraction. Wayne grabs a baseball bat from the corner of the ring and strikes Corbin. Eric Wayne makes the pinfall on Maxx Corbin, giving him the victory over Genocide. Maxx Corbin grabs the mic and says that he spent 2 months at home and his friend Chris O'Neal has to spend a year out of the ring. He then challenges Premiere Brutality to a stretcher match in two weeks.

Jon Michaels def. J.R. Manson via pinfall to continue his undefeated streak in the EWE. The Baron Malkavain comes to the ring. The two men exchange a few words, Jon Michael extends his hand to Baron, and they shake. Michael leaves the arena, followed by Baron.

The match between Bishop and Stan Lee gets underway with fire coming from both competitors. After the match had been going for a while, Dustin Starr starts pacing down at ringside. Bishop goes for a clothesline on Lee, but hits the referee instead. Lee manages to put Bishop on the mat, but Starr knocks Lee out with the EWE Heavyweight Championship belt. Bishop pins Lee to the mat as Starr wakes the referee up to deliver the 3 count. Bishop will score the pinfall and the victory against Stan Lee. Starr and Bishop celebrate in the middle of the ring around Lee. Starr kneels down and says that Lee will never, ever get a title shot, ever. Bishop asks Starr if the deal they had with the title shot is still good. Starr says to trust him, and that he'll get his shot. Lee grabs the mic and makes it to his feet, saying Starr cheated and got away with it. Lee lays a challenge down to Starr. He says in two weeks, he doesn't want a match, but he wants a title shot if he can beat Starr in something. Lee says that if Starr is the greatest, and if Lee wins, he should deserve a title shot. Starr agrees, and asks what Lee wants to challenge him at. Lee says that he's pretty good at poker, so he challenges Dustin Starr to a game of poker in the middle of the ring in 2 weeks. Starr says that he knows a little bit about poker, and accepts Lee's challenge. Lee says that it won't be just any poker game, that it'll be a game of strip poker, and the first one down to nothing is the loser. A puzzled Dustin Starr and Bishop make their way to the locker room.

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Credit: Dustin Williams

----Well, it looks like them taking off a week hurt the crowd. This experiment could have went one of two ways - they draw double every other week or they lose the crowd...That strip poker challenge is..well..different.