Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Ratings Wrapup Newbern, TN 6.06 and 6.13.09


Rockin Randy/Tommy Redneck def. AJ Ray/Biscuit

TJ Mathews won a hardcore battle royal

Hardcore Yow def. Crazy Train

Mark Justice def. The Kid

Jon Michael def. Seth Knight

Jason Reed def. Jeremy Moore with use of brass knuckles to earn a tag title shot in 2 weeks time, Reed then announced his partner would be Dustin "5" Starr

Around 85 in the crowd, good show!


Show opened with NBW Tag Team Champions Jeremy Moore coming to the ring to call out Jason Reed. Moore told Reed he could never beat him straight up and Moore said he was cheated. Moore said he didn’t wanna wait until the Main Event and that Commissioner Davis made Moore vs. Reed opening match. Reed was livid saying he was always main event, but he was forced to wrestle anyways!

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore def. "Superman" Jason Reed by DQ after Moore had Reed set up for the AceCrusher and the lights went out and came back on with Dustin Starr standing over Moore. Starr then Piledrived Moore and conducted the 5 Starr Showcase with Moore as his guest. Starr told Moore that next week He and Reed would take the championship in a Handicap match!

Hardcore Yow def. The Kid and Rob Justice in a triple threat

Triple C won a Hardcore elimanation match

Mark Justice came out and announced the band was getting back together and brought out former Tag partner Rob, now R.T. Justice to Re-form the Riot Squad. Rob will be the manager

Biscuit def. Redneck in a non-title match. Post match Rockin Randy jumped Biscuit and Redneck cuffed Biscuit to the ropes and they were beating him until Weezy ran to the ring and bumped Redneck out and was about to hit Randy when Randy asked him what he was doing, at this point the announcer let everyone in on the fact they were former Tag champions. Weezy then let Randy be and turned to check on Biscuit and when he turned back around Randy delivered a nasty Superkick and dropped Weezy!

Derrick King/Jon Michael def. Mark Justice/Seth Knight after DK Superkicked Knight for the pinfall!

85 or so again in the crowd this week for a good show. Most over segment was post opening match, Moore was over with the crowd and Dustin had Major heat! Riot squad was getting Babyface reactions alot during the interview

Stan Lee will debut for NBW this week as well as the return of C-Money and the Tag Team Title match!

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----This group continues to draw pretty much the same number they were drawing before half the crew left. They seem to have added a few guys that keep the crowd coming. Advertise guys – if you would do a major advertising buzz in the area with guys like DK, Knight, Reed, Michael, Justice and now Stan Lee working some of the shows – the fans that come out will come out again. C-Money is also tons over and should be pushed up there as one of the top babyfaces…Riot Squad was getting babyface reaction because Mark’s family was cheering them. LOL RT Justice has been working here as Ozwick…The “Five Starr” Showcase angle sounded hot…This is also a great time to have Moore position himself into working some top notch talent – EWE is promoting every other week and will give him access to some good talent.