Thursday, June 04, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Results Wrapup Newbern, TN 5.23 and 5.30.09

5 23 09

Redman def the Kid

Seth Knight def Derrick King

Tigerface def Biscuit

Tommy Redneck def Brandon Barbwire to win the High Risk title

Mark Justice def Crazy Train

Jeremy Moore def Syn and Stunner to win the tag titles

Crowd was around 110, good show

5 30 09

Show opened with Moore coming to the ring saying last week he did what he said and rid NBW of a big problem, he then said all week he has been looking for a tag partner, this brought out Tim Davis. Davis said Moore didn't win the match by himself last week and maybe he should be the champ. Out comes Ricky Hayes who was motioning to Tim that maybe he should be champ. This brings out Jimmy Tidwell who said that he hates Ricky but has never seen him take a backseat to anyone until now. He offered Ricky a spot as his enforcer and then told Moore that tonight he had a surprise for him.

Kilo def redneck in a non-title match after Redneck tried to cheat and Jon Roberts stopped him leading to a superkick from Kilo.

Hardcore Yow def Kid Psycho and Triple C

Rockin Randy def Jon Roberts after Redneck caused the loss and turned on Roberts leading to AJ Ray saving Biscuit.

Seth knight def “East Coast Bad Boy” C Money. After the match Knight hit C Money with a chair and was going to use it again when Derrick King made the save.

Ricky Andrews def Mark Justice by dq after a mystery man jumped in from the crowd to help Mark.

Jason Reed def Jeremy Moore after a roll up while Moore was distracted by Ricky Hayes turning on Tidwell

Great show with around 75 or so in the crowd

This week

Moore vs Reed with Hayes as the ref

Randy and Redneck vs Biscuit and AJ Ray

Crazy Train and John Michael return

----The first show as booked “on the fly”, because XOW & Sarge had walked out…The dressing room doubled over at DCW and it looks like AJ Ray and Jason Reed are the first casualties jumping to NBW. ..C Money would be a good regular and could give over big as a baby…Who was the “mystery man” that helped Justice?? Didn’t they just do this angle with someone out of the crowd introducing Andrews??...Hardcore Yow is aka Phoenix X w/o his mask.