Saturday, June 06, 2009

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 06.05.2009

Here are the results from last night's New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) event at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling in West Memphis, AR.

- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated Shawn Reed
- "All That" Alan Steele defeated Justin "The Juice" Smart
- United States Junior Heavyweight Champion Dustin Ring defeated "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to retain the championship.

RassleNotes: Around 25 in the crowd...The United States Junior Heavyweight Title match was originally set to be "3G" Eric Wayne challenging Ring. "Nightmare" Ken Wayne told Eric that due to his recent disrespectful actions, his shot would not be taking place. A match earlier in the evening between "Golden Boy" and Shawn Reed was deemed a top contenders' match due to the fact that Anthony and Reed were both only one win shy of qualifying for the initial U.S. Junior Title tourney. Anthony won that match, thus getting the shot. As customary in N.E.W., all title matches have two referees - one in the ring and one on the floor. Chuck Poe was in attendance; however, senior official Downtown Bruno was out for the week. Bobby Eaton was appointed as referee on the floor for the match. Also, Kid Nikels came out during the match to continue the TGB/Nikels feud. TGB at one point tossed Ring onto Nikels, who was sitting in a chair at ringside. This, of course, caused Nikels to try to get into the ring...N.E.W. returns to West Memphis next Friday at 8 p.m.