Saturday, June 13, 2009

RassleResults: NWA Mid-South Lake City, AR 6.13.06

-Demon X over Scott Fury
-Hassell Snuka [Judgement] beat Regulator
-NWA Mid-South Title: Austin Lane over Derrick King
-Nikki Lane beat Morgan Williams
-Tommy Lane/Scotty beat Demon X/Atomic Dogg [original Simon Langstin]


----$10 a head with 80 people in the crowd…Lane pinned DK with spear and then went out twice for two more pins. After third pin, Biscuit got a three count a DK…This was a Ron Spence show and he it is a NWA affiliate…Not only can Derrick King come to show and be told to put over a guy and put over him three times. He also helped him put over his gimmicks. Lane said, “I have been in the ring with Rodney Mack, Petey Williams, Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles – DK is the total package - he is one of or the best I have ever worked.”...Lane also wanted to me to put out the word to local promotions to book a Dustin Starr vs Austin Lane bout – he is interest in working him...Lane defends the NWA Mid-South Title - July 3, 2009 vs Jerry Lynn in Corning, AR and Winner vs July 18th vs Petey Williams in Paragould, AR.