Thursday, June 04, 2009

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.30.09

Lucky and Kid Crazy VS The Allen Bros. Winner
The Mexican Asassin VS Soul Train Jones. Winner Soul Train Jones by DQ
Irish Dragons VS The Asylum. Winner Asylum
Dynasty Mike Anthony VS Poker Face in a Respect match. Winner Poker Face
Dynasty Reno Diamond VS J.D. Kerry. Street Match. Winner J.D. Kerry.
Heavyweight Championship Match. Rage Champion VS Cujo. Winner No Contest.

The show started the way it always does with Biscuit coming out and telling the fans who was on the card for the evening. Then it was time for the introduction of Big Money Inc. Frank "Big Money" Martin and the TV Champion The Mexican Assassin and the RWA Heavyweight Champion Rage escorted by Dangerous Dominique and Raven came to the ring. Martin told the crowd he had some business to take care of first and called out the Playa'z. The Playa'z shook hands with everyone and Martin told them he knew that they got the contracts that were sent to them and they had plenty of time to look them over. All Big Money Inc needed was a simple yes or no.

Southside took the mic and told Martin that the contract was good and all they had to say is there was no way they would join a group with a piece of Sh@t running it. With an illegal alien as champion and a broke down redneck as champion. They went on to insult the ladies and told Martin they told him the only reason they were there was because of Rodney and they were loyal to Rodney. Martin took the mic from them and told them they weren’t loyal to anyone, " if I throw a piece of chicken down between you guys you would beat the hell out of each other for it". But that's ok George and Weezy I knew you wouldn’t take my offer so I already bought someone for just this reason. So next week you boys will defend your titles. I will give you a hint of who you will face. I love the color of Gold everyone knows that. So if it takes all night long all the way till Midnight the tag team titles will be in Money Inc so think about that while you are driving your broke down Cadillac home and think about that while you stop for your cheap 40 ounce and fried chicken. Now get out of my ring and go to the back.

Martin then called out Cujo for the segment of Money Talks. Cujo was not sure about being out in the ring with everyone but did set down. Martin did not ask him any questions he told him that he was the big dog in the dog pound and Rodney has never givin him his shot, nor does he respect him or treat him right. Cujo just got up and started to walk off. Martin stopped him by telling him that it was him that paid his light bill when it was getting turned off 2 weeks ago. I was the one who fixed the car that his wife and kid was in broke down on the road last week. I was the one who sent all the food to your house Cujo. I am opening the door for you to join Big Money Inc. You don't have to give me an answer just think about it. Cujo walked off.

Cannon’s music and out he came for his match with The Mexican Assassin. Dr Randy was with him and as he got into the ring Martin stopped him and told him that if he thought he was getting another shot at the title he was crazy. There is no way that I am going to let you a broke down fat, balding, old, toothless old man represent my company, Martin said. Take your old @ss back to the dressing room. It appeared to really hurt Cannon's feelings and the fans were very mad about this. After Cannon went back threw the curtain Soul Train Jones music hit and Soul Train came out to the ring. Soul Train called Martin a piece of trash and could not believe he would talk to Cannon like that. But I have beat your TV Champion and I am not old and broke down so I want a shot at the Title, Soul Train Said. Martin got the mic and started laughing at Soul Train, do you really think you deserve a shot at the TV Champ, are you serious? Fine you want it you got it and when we are done with you we will hang you from the rafters and put a spot light on you and spin you around and use you as a mirror ball.

Lucky and Kid Krazy took on the Allen Bros. This was a really good match and both teams were quick and ready to fight. You can always count on Kid Krazy to be just that Krazy and Lucky was right there with him. At one point the both came flying out of the ring between the ropes and Lucky did not get caught and went head first into the wood railing. Before the railing he would have went head first into the fans... Dynasty ran in on the match because of the feud with Lucky and Reno so this was a no contest.

The second match saw The Mexican Assassin and Soul Train Jones. Soul Train used his power and speed to keep the Assassin off balance but the Assassin who is the veteran in this match stayed on Soul Train but once got the upper hand the rest of Big Money Inc hit the ring to make the save and then the Dogg Pound hit the ring. The winner of the match was Soul Train by DQ but the title stayed with the Mexican Assassin.

The third match had the Irish Dragons taking on the Asylum. Last week the Asylum left the Dragons and the Playa'z laying in the ring with some big shots and signs and everything else. I think the Asylum made a statement last week that the Playa'z were not the only team that could beat up people. Well this week the Asylum matched up with a smaller quicker team in the Dragons. Acid was missing and Logan Fury and Scot Fury teamed up. Both teams showed they could wrestle and fight. The Dragons did their best to keep the Asylum isolated from each other and work on just one of them. One move that stood out among the rest was a spine buster pappy hit on Logan. He whipped Logan into the ropes and hit a spine buster that had the crowd stunned at the quickness it was amazing considering the size of pappy. The finish saw Scot over throw a chain to Logan while the ref was down. Psycho caught it and used it and the Asylum got the win.

The fourth match was a Respect Match. The winner had to put their opponent in a submission hold and make them say I respect you. Poker Face was taking on Mike Anthony from Dynasty. Of course Blaylok was at ringside along with Reno Diamond making the match kind a one sided. But in the end it was Poker getting Mike Anthony down and making him yell I respect you.

The Fifth math was a Street match between Reno Diamond and J.D. Kerry. These two went at it all over the place and hit big moves everywhere. J.D. is one of the best up and coming stars and Reno, well Reno is one of the best period. They put on a great match and J.D. hit a frog splash to get the win.

Main Event: RWA Title Match: Rage vs Cujo. Big Money inc came to the ring and Big Money took the mic and told Cujo that he could have the night off and have his pay. Just stay in the back and don't come out when they play your music. You can have the night off with pay it's that simple. The Dogg Pound Music played and the longer it played it seemed maybe Cujo took the night off. Cujo hit the ring hard and hit several big moves. big Money kept asking Cujo what are you doing? Rage sent Cujo out of the ring and Big Money whispered in his ear for the second straight week. This time Cujo got up and grabbed Martin but let him go. Cujo got back into the ring and Rage got back on Cujo, at one point Rage could be heard yelling,"I don't want to do this Frank!" Cujo fought back and hit the 747 finisher. Big Money jumped up on the ring apron showing Cujo money again, Rage got up and Mike Austin and The Mexican Assassin were behind Cujo when he turned around. The Dogg Pound hit the ring fighting with Big Money inc. Soul Train, Rodney Mack, The Playa'z hit the ring and in the middle of it Cujo just walked away. Cujo seems confused about whom to side with.

6 good matches and 150+ in the arena. This week is a tv shoot for the group.

Credit: RWAreporter

----“Midnight Gold” [“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson debut for RWA this week. I guess most people probably guessed that if you read the interview above.