Saturday, June 20, 2009

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 6.19.09

67 attended

"Flamboyant" Faron Foxx joined Michael St. John for selected portions of the commentary tonight, as did Hot Rod Biggs. DVDs of last weeks taping were avaialble for $10.

There were two dark matches prior to the taping:
Saint beat Travis Starr and Lee Cross in a 3-way when S pinned LC in 4:00 with a DDT

Shane Morton beat Antonio Cathey in an ATL Feature when AC misses on a splash and SM pins him using the ropes in 4:00

MSJ/FF do the TV opening.

James Duncan beat Kevin Dunn
JD has done some serious tanning this week, calling himself "the man with the tan". JD wins the match in 4:00 by catching KD off the ropes and giving him a pretty facebuster.

USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier beat Dyron Flynn in 6:00 with his fishermans flip slam.

Bryan Casey beat Psycho Medic in about a minute after apparently using an international object to hit PM and cover him for the pin.

Oh My God Its Rick Santel beat Mitch Ryder in 6:00. RS counters MR's allegations of cheating from last week by stating that MR cheated on him in the rumble match. Sorry to report that Sweet Louise is not here this week:( Finish here was RS coming off the top into an MR right fist then going down and grabbing his knee. MR complies with RS begging off but turns his back and RS schoolboys him for the pin! RS says he was miraculously healed!! MR tells MSJ that he let himself be compassionate for one second and look where it got him.

Chris Michaels comes to the ring and makes Gordon interview him. CM is carrying the USWO Championship belt which belongs to OUR USWO Champion Chase Stevens. CM takes issue with fans in general but is incensed over the "Chase" chants. MSJ interrupts to inform CM that CS has entered the property! CM says there is about to be death in the USWO and heads out the door! The two meet in the lobby and brawl back into the ring, where the locker room empties and attempts to keep them apart. CM escapes with the belt and CS calls him a coward.

USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe (w/Hot Rod Biggs) beat LT Falk & Bill Dundee in 10:00. HRB does not have his racket with him tonight but he didn't need it. LT makes the hot tag to BD and it all breaks loose. BD has DP alone in the ring and about to pin him when HRB gets on the apron. BD grabs him by the tie but doesn't see him pitching a chain to DP, who then slugs BD and covers for the pin.
BD tells MSJ he has lost to the best (even to Tony) but he didn't like the way this went down. LT says he & BD will get through this because they are tough.

USWO Champion Chase Stevens beat Chris Michaels in 23:00. A mix of wrestling and brawling here. CS whips CM into ref Boogie, who goes down hard. CS German suplexes CM for a cover but security is tending to Boogie. CS then gives CM a fishermans suplex and holds CM down as ref Mark Owen runs out and counts 2. CM pulls MO in front of the charging CS but CS pulls up before hitting him. CS ducks a CM lariat and MO gets flattened. CM superkicks CS and covers. Gordon runs out and commissions himself as a ref but does a really slow 2 count. CM does not appreciate this and gets in Gordon's face. CS schoolboys CM and Gordon counts a fast 3 for the pin.
CM grabs the belt and hits Gordon with it! CM tells MSJ that he rightfully won the match because Gordon never went to ref school! CS goes after CM but gets hit with the belt as well and the locker room empties again. CM again leaves with the belt. CS gets to his feet with help from "Chase is the champ" chants.

Credit: Jimmy Daniel