Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RassleResults: XDW Longtown, MS 6.27.09

Oscar Barlow welcomes the crowd to the first XOW show in Longtown, Ms. to benefit the Longtown Volunteer Fire Department.

Opening Match – Jay Webster VS. Suicide
Just as the match gets underway, XOW promoter Tony Watts puts a stop to the match. See video of Wraiths return below. Winner – Wraith

2nd Match – Uncle Felton Def. Neil Taylor w/ Jason the Brain

3rd Match – Colton Anderson Def. Kenny Dee

Al Hall joins Oscar Barlow to call the pay by play action.
4th Match – Drew Donavan Def. Tony Dabbs w/ Jason the Brain

5th Match – The Asylum (Psycho, Pappy and Wraith VS. Syn, Suicide and Jay Webster - Double Count Out. After the match the madness continued as the Asylum used chairs, signs and tacks on Syn, Suicide, Webster and Ref. Chuck Poe before taking turns throwing themselves into the tacks.

6th Match – Chris Styles Def. Neil Taylor, after the match Taylor told Ref. Joey Lynn that he kicked out of everything and that Styles could not beat him and he wanted 5 more minutes. If he couldn’t beat Styles he would never come back to Longtown. The match was restarted and 45 seconds into the restart, your winner – Chris Styles

7th Match – Danny B. Good VS. Brien Sofine for the XOW Heavy Weight Championship w/ Al Hall. Towards the end of the match Danny B. accidentally elbows Ref. Chuck Poe and Brian uses the belt on Danny B. with the ref down no one can make the count, in comes Joey Lynn as Danny kicks out on two. Danny B. gives Brian a hurricanrana then goes to the top rope for a block buster and gets the three count but ref. Chuck Poe quickly reverses the decision because he was elbowed by Danny B. disqualifying him. Your winner and still XOW Heavy Weight Champion, Brian Sofine.