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RassleResults: XOW Crenshaw, MS 6.06.09

Crenshaw's very own NEW Mayor, Oscar Barlow, got things underway by introducing Bro. Wade from the church to say a few words about "Wrestling with Sin" and lead us in a prayer. Then, Oscar called out the XOW Heavyweight Champion, Danny B. Good. Danny B. delivered an inspirational message to the kids about never giving up in the pursuit of your dreams. He spoke of some of the struggles that he had while growing up, which included being shot in the back.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine walked out. Danny had some words for Brian walking out in a church environment wearing such provocative attire. Hollywood fired back, by saying, that Danny looked like a gangbanger and called him a host of other names, which included: a thug, wife beater, drunk, and a thief. Brian said that all of the kids should be looking up to "Everybody's hero, The Pink Flamingo and Hollywood!" When Danny went to the back, Hollywood called out Tony Watts. Once in the ring, Tony said this was between Jimmy and him and ordered Brian to go to the back. Then, Tony and Jimmy were talking face-to-face, when, suddenly, Pure Destruction, Brody and Cody Hawk, burst on the scene and entered the ring, shocking Hollywood Jimmy and the Crenshaw audience. Pure Destruction is back in XOW! I'm sure most are well aware of the past history between Tony and Brody. That's why this was such a shocker! Jimmy was excited at first, but Brody quickly told him to shut up and grabbed the mic. Brody said that at least Tony called them. Just when everyone thought things were all good in the neighborhood, Brody turned on Tony by grabbing him by the throat and choking him in the corner, saying he just didn't like him. The Asylum, Psycho and Pappy, ran out to save Tony. Tony said you want some, you got it because later in the show it will be The Asylum versus Pure Destruction. Brody told Tony that he was going to knock some color back into his hair. Then, Tony informed Pure Destruction and Hollywood that the match would be a street fight.

Opening Match-"The Greatness" Jay Webster with Dirty Rell Moe tied up with Uncle Felton. During his entrance, Felton picked up a little baby girl and started dancing with her. Al Hall joined "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow in calling the action and didn't waste too much time in referring to Felton as Derrick King's Daddy. Dirty Rell Moe choked Felton in the ropes. Webster would miss with a flying leg drop attempt. Later in the match, while Webster was holding Felton, Dirty tried to hit him, but Felton ducked out of the way so he struck Jay Webster. Uncle Felton took advantage of the opportunity and made the cover to get the win. Winner-Uncle Felton

2nd Match-Curly Moe with Dirty Rell Moe faced Drew Donovan. Curly Moe got lots of heat from the rowdy crowd. In the early moments, Drew threw Curly on the outside. While on the outside, Dirty requested a timeout to Referee Chris P. Fries. During this one, Oscar brought up Al Hall's Memphis Tigers basketball team. Yeah, they're in a little bit of trouble. I believe a couple Bad Calls took place there. Back to the action, Donovan hit Curly with a flying body press on the outside. Once Drew threw Curly back in the ring, he made the cover. Dirty jumped in and broke up the count. Drew would follow by connecting with a signature Curt Hennig rolling neck snap on Curly. While Dirty distracted Drew, Curly was able to jump him and connect with a ddt. Donovan picked up Curly on his shoulders for a running powerslam, but instead threw him into Dirty, who was on the apron. Donovan would catch Curly with a swinging neckbreaker and finished him off with a flying elbow drop from the top-rope. Winner-Drew Donovan. "You suck!" chants for Dirty and Curly, following the match.

Tony Watts came out, holding a weight scale. Tony asked Al Hall to get in the ring and called out "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock to join them, also. Tony commented on both Jimmy and Al's weight. Al stated, "I'm not fat, I'm big boned!" Then, Tony tried to pat Big Al's belly. Al yelled at Tony, "You don't touch me! You weirdo!" Jimmy said he weighed 196 and Al chimed in stating that he weighed 216. Al called Tony a stick man. Tony proposed a special challenge to Jimmy and Al to see which one could lose the most weight before 2010, with the winner being crowned, "The Biggest Loser". At first, Jimmy and Al just totally blew off the idea, thinking it was absurd, but the more they bragged about how they would beat the other, things began to get a little tense. This led to some friction between the two that only grew with comments made by Jimmy and Al. First, Jimmy said that there's no way Al could beat him, because he is a Memphis Wrestling Legend and all Al Hall has done was work for KAW, twenty-five years ago. Al didn't think too highly of Jimmy's credentials with Memphis Wrestling, saying that was all because of he's good friends with Corey Maclin. This sparked some more response from Hollywood Jimmy with him telling Al, "If you're in an elevator, you better hope it's going down!" Jimmy added, "I rode by Al's home and seen him in every window!" Needless to say, they both accepted the challenge. So at the end of the year, whoever loses the most weight will be crowned "The Biggest Loser." But first, they had to be weighed. Tony flipped a coin to see who went first. Jimmy is first. As soon as he stepped on the scale, Al hollered that it read, "792 lbs!" I don't guess the scale was working in the ring because they had to bring things to the floor. Maybe it did say 792 lbs? Once on the floor, Jimmy weighed in at 314 lbs and Al was clocked at 339 lbs. Before Hollywood could go to the back, Al told him to wait up. Al brought a dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to give to Jimmy. Jimmy refused to take them, so Al threw them. They hit the floor. Jimmy turned around and saw them on the floor and decided to go back and get them.

3rd Match-DC vs "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore with Referee Joey Lynn making his return to the area. This was a match between two crowd favorites. Very technical in the beginning with the two going hold for hold. Then, things went to the outside. Later, DC would catch Kilgore running with a crossbody. DC tried a flip from the top, but Kilgore moved. Syn and DJ Stunner ran out and attacked both DC and Kilgore. "Sons of the South" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews, made the save, chasing off Syn and Stunner, who went to the announce table. Syn said they are sick and tired of them sticking their noses in their business. Syn added that Chris and Josh are going to have to put their titles on the line in a match of Syn and Stunner's choice. Syn and Stunner decided on making it a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match. Chris said that since it's a no dq match, if he wanted to pick up Al Hall's fat butt and throw it on them it would be ok. After the teams left the ring, Kilgore praised DC for his performance in their match and both men shook hands.

Al Hall made his way into the ring to gave out the remaining three 2008 Wrestling News Center Awards. First, Al introduced the winner of Most Improved Wrestler Award, Curly Moe. Then, Al brought out The Manager of the Year, Dirty Rell Moe. Lastly, Al presented the award for The Best Wrestling Match of 2008 to Curly Moe and Dirty Rell Moe, The Moe Foundation, for their part in The Hood Street Cage Match.

4th Match-Pure Destruction, Brody and Cody Hawk, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs The Asylum, Psycho and Pappy, with Tony Watts in their corner. This was a battle of four of the best big men around. At the beginning of the match, while locking up, Pappy managed to start biting Brody's hand. Brody rolled out of the ring and proceeded to wipe his hand all over my shirt. I told Brody that's a hundred dollar shirt. Brody came back with, "Now it's got Pappy's slobber all over it." Yeah, it does. Thanks a lot, Brody! Brody would later get some shots in on Tony before Psycho and Pappy could come to his aid. Then, an enraged Tony would run after Brody wielding his singapore cane, but could not get a clean shot on him. Pappy wanted a test of strength with Brody. Brody was laughing because he was a tad bit taller, but Pappy got the upper hand and took it to Brody in the corner. Jimmy would take some shots at Psycho and choke him, while he was down in the corner. Cody would crash into Psycho with a big splash in the corner. Then, the two behemoths, Psycho and Cody, would fight toe to toe, punching back and forth. As Psycho tried to mount a comeback, Brody was there to hit Psycho with a low blow. Then, came Psycho's very,very scary moment. When Psycho was sent in the ropes, he fell through them, hitting head first on the concrete floor. The place was silent as everyone was concerned for Psycho's well being. I thought the ropes had broken, but they were still intact. Inside the ring, Pure Destruction finished off Pappy with a double spinebuster to win the match. Following the pin, several guys from the back came out to check on Psycho and help him to the back.

Following the intermission, Al Hall grabbed a broom and asked, "When did my wife show up?" Oscar informed everyone that Psycho was going to be alright. Al added, "The report on Psycho is he's Psycho!"

5th Match-XOW Heavyweight Championship Match-"The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock challenging the XOW Heavyweight Champion, Danny B. Good. Brian wore a sparkling jacket. Security tried to take Brian's flamingo to the back, but Brian quickly took it from him, screaming, "Don't touch my bird!" Brian told Danny that he was going to give him one and only opportunity to give him the belt and go to the back or he can take option number two and get hurt. Needless to say, Danny didn't give him the belt. Brian did, however, blow Danny a kiss. Collar and elbow tie up in the corner. Brian screamed like a little baby. Jimmy tried to get the fans chanting, "Go Brian Go!" That didn't go over so well. As a result, they got behind Danny. Test of strength with Brian getting the early advantage. Nice bridge from Danny, during the test of strength. Jimmy tripped up Danny while he was running the ropes. Later in the match, Jimmy would choke Danny with his cane. Brian would slingshot Danny into the ropes, choking him. Danny landed a flying headscissor and went up top, but Brian tripped him up. Brian connected with a superplex from the top-rope. Hollywood handed Brian some brass knuckles. Brian leveled Danny with them, but kicked out of the pin attempt. Danny suplexed Brian and went up, again. This time he hit the swanton, but Brian kicked out. Brian with a running attempt, but nobody home. Danny delivered The Revolution(Blockbuster neckbreaker from top-rope), but Jimmy pulled Referee Chris P. Fries from the ring. Danny grabbed both Jimmy and Brian's head, smashing them together. Danny missed a flying attack in the corner. Brian would catch Danny with a tombstone to get the win and become the NEW XOW Heavyweight Champion! Following the match, Brian So Fine grabbed the mic and said finally he will start getting some much needed R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Then, "Hollywood" Jimmy introduced Brian So Fine as the NEW XOW Heavyweight Champion. After Brian and Jimmy left, Danny B. Good asked the kids to please not try this at home.

Main Event-XOW Tag-Team Championship in No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match-Syn and DJ Stunner challenged The XOW Tag-Team Champions, "The Sons of the South" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews. Oscar got Chris and Josh's names mixed up at first. Al said he's going to have to start having a blood test before the shows from now on. Syn brought with him something that looked a lot like one of those wooden pepper grinders that you see at Olive Garden. Josh extended his hand to Syn and Stunner, but they weren't having none of that. Match got underway and things quickly got crazy. Chris found a drill from underneath the ring and well he drilled into Stunner's skull. Chris and Stunner would fight into the crowd, while Syn and Josh went at it in the squared circle. Once Styles and Stunner made it back in, it wasn't long before Syn and Matthews took it to the outside. Syn nailed Josh with the Asai Moonsault from the apron. Stunner would join them on the outside. Then, Chris with a diving attack. Followed by Josh with a running flip over the top onto everyone on the floor. Chris would hit Stunner with the ring bell. Inside the ring, Josh would connect with the pele. OH MY GOD!!! The Pele! Sorry about that. I had a Don West moment. Too bad he's a heel now. You notice how he never even acknowledges the pele anymore. I digress, back to the match. Chris missed a moonsault. Double shooting stars from Syn and Stunner. Chris with a death valley driver on Syn, followed by a leg guillotine on Syn, while he tied up in the ropes. Josh hit a frog splash on Stunner. Syn threw Styles back in the crowd. In the ring, Stunner landed the springboard moonsault on Josh. Chris jumped on the outside with a diving attack on Syn, right at my feet. Then, Chris took my pen that I used to write these results, jabbed it into Syn's head a couple times, and politely gave it back to me. That pen takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I'm pretty sure that's Timex's slogan, but I thought it was a very fitting comment to use there. Chris connected with the super kick on the outside. As you can tell, this one had a little bit of everything. It truly was some nonstop action. Someone even got hit with Syn's Olive Garden pepper mill. In the closing moments, Stunner attempted a swanton. He got some wicked air time. Chris would hit the Southern Destroyer on Stunner. "The Sons of the South" would get the win with Chris and Josh hitting Syn with the Doomsday Device, with Syn falling on top of Stunner. Following the match, they announced that next Saturday, June 13th, at the Annual Thunder on the Water Event in Grenada, Mississippi, they will do battle again, for the XOW Tag-Team Titles, but this time it will be inside of a steel cage. AWESOME! Chris started a chant of "You suck!", but toned it down to "Losers!" The little kids were giving Syn a hard time, again.

Following the match, "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Bro. Wade announced the winners of a special raffle they had to help raise money for the youth group, in which, the prizes included a special collection of WWE beanie bears.

Good Calls to everyone for their hard work and participation in delivering a fun show. Be on the lookout for Tia's pictures from this show. Don't forget, next Saturday, Thunder on the Water. Former WCW Star, Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell and Memphis Wrestling Legend, "Superstar" Bill Dundee will be there and much, much more! It's gonna be HUGE!!!

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