Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Site News and Notes!!

----This has started out as one of the slowest weeks of recent memory, but I wanted to make note at a few things that we should be covering by the end of the week.

-I wanted everyone know that l will not be attending any outdoor shows this summer and if the building is not equipped with air conditioning, then I am not planning to attend. If you are a promoter and you have ac – e-mail me and I will add that info to the Shows Of The Weekend page.

-ASWF will be having a huge outdoor show in Batesville, AR this coming Saturday. I am looking for as many eyewitness reports as possible. I want to post as close as real attendance of the show. Also thoughts on the matches and such.

-“Forth in the Forest” is starting to promote on Brandon Baxter’s Kiss FM radio show in Jonesboro, AR. I do not have the complete lineup or exactly what is going on, but it looks like Randy Hales will be part of the show again. I am looking for as many eyewitness reports as possible on this show also. This was the #1 show last year and it is possible it will be again this year. They are posting on their web site, “Free Wrestling on the beach, featuring stars from New Blood Wrestling”, so it looks like NBW got the show this year.

-There has been a lot going over at The Starr Treatment. I plan on a Coach’s Corner this week focusing on some of his main topics over the weekend – mainly my thoughts on Eric Wayne and recent incidents.