Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tank Funeral Costs Update - Thanks to All!!!

----When the benefit was first announced, Tank’s funeral costs were around $4,300. I do know that there were a few guys that sent for the address to the funeral home because they could not make the benefit – thanks to you guys – you know who you are!! Crazy Train went and paid the $633 from the benefit yesterday. He was told that the bill is down to $2800!! I thank everyone that has helped – the wrestling community has opened up their pocket books!!! We are not done yet!! I am planning to work towards getting some autographed stuff to put on ebay and also there are people working on a benefit in Arkansas. If anyone has anything that they like to auction for the money to go to funeral costs, then send me an e-mail. Just for the record, Dustin Starr auctioned off his trunks Sunday. No one actually went up and bought them during the show. But, after the show, I had someone walk up to me that gave a $100 donation to the benefit and they received the trunks. Thanks to that person, who did understand that this money was for the funeral costs and wasn’t saying stuff like, “The fans were not going pay $50 [his minimum bid] for those tights!” When I first seen the $5,600 total bill at the funeral, I never thought it would get down this low – thanks to everyone!!!