Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arena Report: SUMMER-JAM NBW Newbern, TN 7.25.09

----So you can argue back and forth about quality of matches. Does it matter if the match is not good, if it gets a pop at the end? If the match is forgotten because of an angle that they run right after a bad match?? Well it counts to me and it counts to all the guys involved, just ask them!! It reminded me when I came back from TIWF last year and noted that all the guys were OVER, but they were not excellent workers. Well the guys on this show were over – with good crowd reactions – but a few of the matches just fell real short. Booking overall was good and if the first match would have been tweaked, I could maybe be writing it was an above average show with one bad match. The main event delivered and the fans went home happy!!

----Jason Reed and Jimmy Tidwell opened the show. Not a big fan of an opening interview segment. I thought Reed did a good heel interview, but others were saying “Horrible” to “Great” segment.

----Jon “Biscuit” Roberts beat Tommy Redneck in a handcuff on a pole match. Ok, if you put handcuffs on a pole – the object of the match is to get the handcuffs and use them; right?? Well Redneck brought out some handcuffs in a bag for some reason. This was all wrong – you are using the gimmick of the match in the match. Both guys juiced and Biscuit ended up using handcuffs too. Redneck got the handcuffs to no pop. Biscuit ended up pinning Redneck for the win. Big pop for Biscuit win. After the match, Rockin Randy jumped in and they beat up on Biscuit, until Biscuit's brother Gaylon Ray jumped in for the win and save. [DUD]

----High Risk Invitational - C-Money pinned AJ Ray to win the NBW High Risk Title in a match that featured The Kid [champ coming into the match], Crazy Train, Rockin Randy, Robert Justice, Chad Heart, Dell Tucker and the “American Arrogant” AJ Ray. Crazy Train was the star of this bout and closing in the year as one of the most improved guys around. He hit a nasty closeline on Chad Heart. A dive outside the ring. A frogsplash that was really pretty. And guys, this kid is not small. Rob E Justice was managing outside the ring and almost ruined the whole match. Justice spent time running around the ring trying to get himself over and not his guy. AJ Ray also spent too much time around the ring. You got 8 guys – you can try to do too much around the ring, because the crowd will not be into what is going on IN the ring. Randy and Tucker both were real smooth. Ray hit Train with a chain to pin him, then Money ended it with a frog splash on Ray for the win. Money is over big time and it was the right decision to put him over. [***]

----Jeremy Moore/Ricky Andrews beat Dustin Starr/Jason Reed to win the NBW Tag Team Titles. Not a good match – everything that could go wrong – went wrong. Andrews, who is really over with the crowd, is real green. And it seemed that Reed/Starr could not cover him up on this match. Every time Reed got in the bout with Andrews [who they put the heat on], something went wrong. Just real sloppy. Starr was visibly upset and seem to be fighting to put moves on Andrews every time he tried. Some stuff got real stiff at the end and Andrews took a kick to the ribs, but was more his fault, because he does not know how to flow when selling. Hot tag got a big pop, then for some reason they went to the floor, so Reed could do a moonsault. Andrews tried to do his finisher at one point and even screwed that up. Moore pinned Reed for the win. Then as the heels made it to the dressing room, “Cruzin For Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] returned as a tag team destroying the new champs. I went around to stand at the front door and the whole crowd was standing up for this like they were moving towards the ring. [DUD] for the match. C4P could be good for this group.

----At this point the crowd is really noisy and into the show even though they just watched a shitty match. They do a 45 minute intermission, which killed all the heat they had!!!!!! It is the TINY things that people can't get right!! It seemed like the temperature went up in the building like 20 degrees also.

----”Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson came out and did a good promo putting over the idea of their bout. If they beat Seth Knight/Derrick King later in the night, then both of them have to leave NBW. Thompson put over the fact that his beef was with DK. He worked hard and finally had them reacting at the end.

----”Missouri Street Fight” - “Missouri Bad Boys” [Renegade/Mark Southern] with Cookie St. James vs “Law and Order” [Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes]. ST. James and Renegade did some mic work at the start – which was good. They started the bout with the lights going off a couple of times, and when it finally ended – St. James was handcuffed to the ringpost and Hayes hit Renegade with a florescent bulb. The match went all over the place with Renegade/Ricky Hayes paring up and Southern/Davis. Southern and Davis battled outside a few times. Renegade and Hayes were mainly in the front of the announcer's desk and around the ring. They were stiff as hell. They destroyed the whole freakin desk!! People have wondered how the MBB drew such big numbers in TIWF last year?? When they are giving just a little bit to present an angle and can do something like this – it lives up to the hype! Renegade has always been the asshole of the crew and it never changes as the fans hate him. Renegade/Hayes did a big superplex spot. It was crazy at the end, but I think Hayes pinned Renegade and then Southern pinned Davis outside. This set up no finish, but then lead right into Renegade doing a great promo to put over a match between him/Ricky Hayes in a “Career Match” [Loser Retires] three weeks from this past Saturday. The old guys did live up to their hype – second best on the show [***1/2].

----Seth Knight/Derrick King beat “Midnight Gold” [“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson. A really slow start as this match was designed to just tell a story – Knight/DK being partners, but bitter enemies. They had to work together to keep their job. Lots of shine for them. Heat on DK. Eaton was working his ass off doing a couple of double team moves and just seem to be having a great time. DK took a sweet beating with some great looking punches from TGB. Hot tag and finish had it look like DK was going to superkick Knight, but Knight ducked and DK hit Eaton. Knight pinned Eaton for them to win. They argued after the match and DK hit Knight with two superkicks before leaving the ring. [***]

----Jon Michael beat Mark Justice with Rob E Justice to win the NBW Title in a TLC Match. Last week [for some reason??] Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs cut Justice's hair. He was almost bald. He entered the ring with a towel on his head doing a promo about not caring about the belt because they took his hair and then ripped the towel off. Great promo as Jon Michael's music hits!! Good build as the match went back and forth with them concentrating on the ladder and going to get the belt. Chairs were used at proper times with Justice juicing first. Rob E Justice was nice enough to call Jon Michael a pussy around the ring about 10 times and called him a whore on the mic, so he was really getting some heat. [I am being sarcastic here!!] Michael bleds good. Michael places Justice’s head on the ladder and smashes it with a chair that looked real nasty. Finish had them fighting outside the ring and Michael setting Justice up on a table. Ref bump somewhere. Michael in the ring, but then comes off the top turnbuckle with a Shawn Michaels elbow putting Justice threw the table. Michael then makes it up the ladder to win the title. Justice then gets back in the ring and nut shots Michael and bumped ref holds up his hand. The decision stands though as new NBW Champion and a big pop!! [***3/4]

----165 in the crowd, which was a 24% decrease from their last show. Not sure what they did different in advertising, but do know that Sarge O'Reilly really “hustled” that show. Big shows like this should have the RAW commercials!!...My daughter Karly said during the first match, “I think we are in Mississippi!!” LOL...I was told that the first match should have been my first ever [-*] match, but at least there was reaction for the guys and the ending with Gaylon...At one point Train smashed Justice's drink and it went all over the crowd. I was told by more than one person it was rum and coke. Justice denied it. NBW has always considered themselves a “family show”. Rob E Justice is not part of that kind of show – hell Angelina would have been less offensive than some of the stuff he said during this match and the main event...Andrews was being talked to by almost everyone in the dressing rooms. The kid has lots of potential – he has a good look and the crowd loves him. But he has to learn to bump. The only way you can do that is do it over and over and over. I liked AJ Ray also, but also very green and needs lots of ring time!! Guys can't get better when they are only wrestling one time a week. And if you are getting a good crowd reaction, it still doesn't ALWAYS mean you doing everything right...Southern cracked me up after the match, he said, “We got at least 2 stars right??”...Cookie St. James has always been one of my favorite indy managers in this area. Totally different than anyone else in the area. And what you see is what you get – a total fuckin shoot!! Pretty much the same for the whole crew of MBBs…JJ was in the crowd…”Big” Dave Sims and Coco Anderson were the announcers and did a good job…One of the best bouts I have seen Justice in since the start of the site. Michael is cementing himself into a MVP Performer nomination with the caliber of matches he has had this year. Justice might get another Most Underrated nomination…Seth Knight has pinned Nick Dinsmore, Brian Christopher and now Bobby Eaton this year!!...Fun time was had by all – thanks to NBW for having us!!