Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Austin Idol Video!!

----Hollywood Jimmy posted this over at and I thought it was worth a look. Idol will be 60 years old this October. Not bad; huh?? Idol also announced on his site [CLICK HERE] the following..and it has been a long time since this guy made an appearance. I might be wrong here, but I think the last show he was scheduled at in Memphis he no showed. LOL

"Hi everybody this is "The One & Only" Universal Hearthrob "Austin Idol"! HighSpots.Com sent out all of their Special Agents to track me down and asked me to please come to Charlotte, NC this August for "FANFEST"!! it's official I'll be there! Swing by "The HighSpots.Com" table and get an autograph and see how damn good I look! This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone after all when you're the "Women's Pet & The Men's Regret" you have a lot to live up too!!!"