Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brock gets his revenge at UFC 100, still undisputed Champion! by Gene Jackson

Fifteen months ago Brock Lesnar stepped into the UFC octagon for what would be his first UFC fight and only second ever MMA fight against a former Heavyweight Champion of the UFC, Frank Mir. After landing some inpressive blows and showing he had some potential Brock was tapped out by Mir after looking really careless as he allowed himself into to position to be tapped out by the more experienced Mir. Lesnar would go on to convincingly defeat "Texas Crazy Horse" Heath Herring and was then given a title match against champion Randy Couture.

Many people felt that Lesnar didn't deserve such a high profile title match with only 3 matches under his belt with one of them being a loss to a man probably should have been getting the title match instead (Frank Mir, who was the "interim" Heavyweight Champion while Couture had walked out of the company previously) Most MMA fans thought that Courture would teach the cocky Lesnar a lesson but Lesnar came into this fight a much smarter fighter then he did against Mir and knocked out Courture to win the UFC Championship in November of last year.

Despite winning the title from a proven fighter and Hall of Famer like Randy Couture many still knock Lesnar and the hardcore MMA fans still discount him as a "phony WWE wrestler", it was time Lesnar to try to avenge his loss against Mir last year. That brings us UFC 100 that took place last night in Las Vegas. It was a hard one to call considering the results of their first encounter but mos
t of the odds makers were actually picking Mir as the underdog.

Lesnar dominated Mir this time out and took the win with a TKO in just under 2 minutes of the 2nd Round. The fight was pretty one sided as at no point in the fight was Lesnar ever in any serious trouble. Mir's face was battered and bloody at the end of the first round and looked even worse afterwards. Lesnar followed up his win with some "WWE like theatrics" as he got in Mir's face
telling him "talk your shit now". He then was interviewed by Joe Rogan where he made it a point to say he was gonna "go home and drink some COORS Light, cause Bud Light won't pay me nothin." This I'm sure didn't sit well with owner Dana White as Bud Light was one of the main sponsors for UFC 100 and other UFC events. Lesnar was booed viciously by the fans after the fight causing him to "shoot the bird" with both hands to the entire crowd. Lesnar then followed up the Coors light comment by saying he was "going home to be with family and friends and maybe even get on top of my wife tonight."

An interesting footnote to all that is that the post fight press conference is up now on and a more subdued Brock was seen sitting at the press table with a bottle of Bud Light in front of him apologizing for his "unprofessionalism" at the end of the fight saying that Dana White had scolded him for it but it's just his nature to "sell tickets" having worked for the "best in the business" (assuming that means Vince). It will be interesting to see where Brock goes from here, there really aren't many heavyweights in the UFC right and none that would seem to be a huge threat to Brock as dominate as he's been recently. There's just no one else in MMA right now who deal with his size, strength, and reach now that he has the skills to go along with it. Some are saying that Dana is working on signing Bobby Lashley for an eventual showdown with Brock but that remains to be seen as Lashley doesn't have the credibility in the MMA world that Brock had as a former National Champion amatuer wrestler to walk right into such a huge fight. Kimbo Slice will be the upcoming season of Ultimate Fighter but if he even makes it through that Brock would destroy him.

The real money match at this point would be Brock vs. Fedor but that doesn't look like that's gonna be happening anytime soon. Regardless the hardcore MMA fans are starting to have to admit....Brock Lesnar really is the "next big thing" in the UFC...and it makes them sick....Personally, I love it!