Friday, July 24, 2009

Dustin Starr vs Austin Lane and Tonight in Dyersburg!!!

----Above is a look at Starr in the ring in Wynne, AR last night for PWA. I was told the crowd was right at a 100, but everyone was happy with the matches. I talked with a few of the guys on the show and Austin Lane today. Lane has a new site coming soon and he is going to take a look at the old Rampage promotion from Jonesboro. Everyone seem to be happy with the match and said that Starr/Lane worked well together. Take a look at how in shape that Starr is in!! And you wonder why he is getting looks from the WWE?? Starr posted a few comments, but should have more about it over the weekend. CLICK HERE to read the Starr Treatment!!

----Tonight in just a few hours is DCW with DK at the helm again. King will be facing Flash Flanagan tonight and that should worth the price of admission. No idea on who else will be on the show.