Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jerry Lawler Hints At Running For Memphis Mayor??

----Recap was posted by D-Rock @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com, but Commercialappeal.com reported yesterday in their post, "Latest twist throws Memphis mayor's race into chaos" the following.....

Another potential candidate emerged when Jerry Lawler, the Memphis wrestler who won less than 12 percent of the vote in a 1999 bid, said he was considering a run.

Recap of this morning's Corey Maclin Radio Show on KWAM 990:

Corey Maclin opened the show, by mentioning how there is quite a lot of buzz going around about Jerry "The King" Lawler and they will talk to him shortly. Then, Corey was joined at the radio station by his special co-host for the show, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. Hart joked about how his trip consisted of flying At Your Own Risk Airlines and staying at The Corey Maclin Hotel.

Jerry "The King" Lawler called in while on Northwest Airlines, traveling to New York to do voiceover for tonight's RAW. Lawler announced that he is strongly considering running for Mayor of Memphis, although, he's not made anything official, yet. He said he's just testing the waters, right now. It was stated, during the show that Lawler must file by July 16th to be in the special election that will be held in October. They discussed how he will only have shortly over eighty days to prepare if he chooses to run. Lawler added that he feels there are too many politicians involved now, that make loads of promises, but fail to deliver. Lawler said, "We need to make Memphis a city that people want to come to instead of one that people want to leave. Memphis should be a magnet that attracts people." Lawler pointed out that President Obama won the election by stressing one word, change, and feels like he can improve Memphis by creating change.

Jimmy Hart asked Lawler if he would give up Monday Night Raw and the monthly pay-per-views? Lawler answered that he would strongly consider giving them up. Lawler said before he left that he has a few more meetings that has to take place and will let everyone know more this Wednesday morning, when he appears on the Young & Elder show on Kix 106.

Jimmy Hart said that if Lawler decides to join the race, that would make about ten people in all, so that would be like a good old fashion Memphis Battle Royal.

Pastor Michael Biton led us with a Monday morning Inspirational Thought.

Fellow KWAM radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, called in. Corey and Jimmy asked Thaddeus how much money the Mayor of Memphis makes a year. Thaddeus answered $200,000. They said that means that Lawler loves Memphis, because he would have to take a significant pay cut from what he's currently making in the WWE. Maclin noted how Lawler also does artwork for DC Comics.

Jack Eaton called in, backing Lawler for Mayor. Jimmy Hart said that Eaton used to do the play-by-play for his Treadwell football games back when he played. Jack Eaton spoke of his new book of poems, which Corey Maclin gave away a copy to one lucky listener, along with a Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk t-shirt and bumper sticker.

Up next, was Wanda Liner and, well, she had a lot of one-liners. This was interesting. I'm not sure if Corey was expecting that.

Political Hotbox with Bret Thompson and Tennessee Representative for the 86th District, Barbara Cooper. They discussed how this Friday is when Mayor Willie Herenton will step down from his position as Mayor of Memphis.

Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart mentioned the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, along with the recent tragic death of Former Tennessee Titans Quarterback, Steve McNair. Corey and Jimmy sent out their prayers and condolences to McNair's wife, Mechelle, and his children. Jimmy Hart stated how Reggie B. Fine would always say, "I ain't made no money in wrestling since The Jackson 5 broke up!" Talks turned to basketball, with Jimmy Hart saying he knew that former Memphis Tigers coach, John Calipari, would go where the money was. Maclin was excited about the Memphis Grizzlies possibly striking a deal with Allen Iverson and his upcoming trip to the MLB All-Star Game.

Jimmy Hart joked with Corey, telling about how after church, yesterday, they went to McDonald's and Corey bought his kids one milkshake with six straws.

Corey announced that the Department of Transportation are going to have a meeting, this week. Jimmy Hart wondered if anyone else ever noticed that whenever they are doing construction, there's always twenty guys looking at the one guy that's working.

Corey Maclin ended the show, by saying that next week he will discuss how he's going to help make things more efficient for Shelby County.

Corey Maclin also announced that he is now on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. You can also check out his website at CoreyMaclin.com.