Wednesday, July 08, 2009

King in Bid for Mayoral Post

----This was posted at my RRO regular Mike Aldren

JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER is considering entering the next elections for Mayor of Memphis because he is sick of the way his home city is being run.

The former WWE announcer told SunSport that he is testing the waters before he launches an official campaign later this week.

He said: "I am going to do some media interviews and see what level of support is out there before I officially declare.

"The people of Memphis are so tired of the political circus that we have been living in for the past 18 years and hopefully, are tired of politicians in general.

"I would be an alternative to that since I am not a politician and never want to be one.

"Just someone who could bring some common sense to the office of Mayor and hopefully make my hometown of Memphis a city that people want to come to, instead of move away from.

"I will be making an announcement by the end of this week."

This would be the second time that Lawler has ran for Mayor.

During a 1999 run he garnered 11.7% of ballots, laying the SmackDown on twelve of the fifteen candidates. His platform focused on making the streets safer for residents, beautifying the city, and improving the quality of education.

The 59-year-old WWE Hall of Famer — who has held more than 140 championships in his glittering career — is perhaps inspired by fellow grappler Jesse Ventura, who successfully ran for the governorship of Minnesota.