Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lawler IS RUNNING for Mayor!!

----So what do you the readers of RRO think of this?? Does he really have a chance?? I don't think so. And, the photo below just cracked me up!! Does it make you laugh as much as me?? LOL


MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Wrestler Jerry 'The King' Lawler announced Wednesday morning that he will run for Memphis mayor in a special election, barring any "surprises" from the outgoing Mayor Willie Herenton.

Lawler made the announcement during the Young and Elder Show on KIX106 Wednesday morning. He was careful to preface his statement, saying "We don't know what to expect as far as what Mayor Herenton is going to do …nothing that Mayor Herenton does from this point on will surprise us."

Lawler went on to say, "Is he going to rescind his resignation?... If there is a special election for the office of mayor, Memphis, Tennessee, then Jerry Lawler will be in that election."

In an interview with FOX13 following the announcement, Lawler said that he does not plan to ask for campaign contributions, and that he was opposed to the idea of raising millions of dollars for the position of Mayor.

Likening to Jimmy Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," Lawler stated "I don't want to be known as a politician… I'm in this election to try to help Memphis be a better city."

Jerry Lawler last ran in the 1999 Mayoral election, placing third behind Willie Herenton and Joe Ford respectively with 12% of the vote.

In a 7-6 vote Tuesday night the Memphis City Council passed the resolution to accept the verbal declaration of Mayor Willie Herenton to step down on July 30th, but City Council Attorney Alan Wade is skeptical that the resolution would stand up in court if Herenton decides to stay. Herenton's original retirement date would have been Friday, July 10.

Council member Bill Boyd said, "He may be playing games with people on this council that are seeking his office."

The Election Commission can now move forward with setting a special election, according to the Memphis City Council.

Lawler's announcement is making waves around the globe as well. In an interview with the British tabloid The Sun Tuesday , Lawler said "The people of Memphis are so tired of the political circus that we have been living in for the past 18 years and hopefully, are tired of politicians in general. I would be an alternative to that since I am not a politician and never want to be one… Just someone who could bring some common sense to the office of Mayor and hopefully make my hometown of Memphis a city that people want to come to, instead of move away from."

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