Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maxx Out "Intro to My World" by Maxx Corbin

----This is a new monthly column by one of the local workers of the area. I have been told what makes this site "legit" is that we keep a list columnists that are actually performers in the business from Sal to Bruno - from Thompson to TGB. And I guess with Gene Jackson and me - we can coin ourselves as "former" something. LOL I actually met Maxx thru the site [adult friend finder?? LOL] and even though he has sometimes been accused of being one of my stooges, he still kayfabes everything to me. The photo features Albino Rhino, Flash Flanagan, me and Maxx in the very front.

Hello all and welcome to my new monthly column. I feel I need to write this to warn you about what you may be reading. Like the show Seinfeld this will be a column about nothing. I can guarantee you that. Some months might be poll questions, some might be comedy skits for wrestlers I know, and some might just be funny road stories. I may even talk about topics such as movies and pop culture as well. We might even have some videos for you here like the CinaMaxx ones from earlier in the year. On top of everything else I can promise you 2 things. 1: this will be done with good humor and for fun. I may involve some colorful language from time but I will try to keep all negativity down on here and 2: Grammar will be horrible and Words will be misspelled from time to time. 

I'm far better at talking than I am at writing or typing. Many of you would never know this though. Why? Because I'm 6'4" and about 3 bills. Us big guys are supposed to be big, slow, and stupid/monstrous so when ever I get mic time its goes something like this, "ARRRR, Me Maxx. Me GONNA KILL OPPONENT....ARRRRR." Can I just say that the fact that I say that just kills me sometimes. I would love to just once , just one time go out to the ring and say, "Hello ladies and gentlemen and good evening. As some of you hopefully know my name is Maxx Corbin. My opponent this evening is far inferrior to me and will no doubt be of little competition to me. For the next 10 minutes, if you will allow me, I would like to show you that sometimes those with brawn have brains as well. Thank you and enjoy the match!" Would that blown a mind or two, huh. Then I would lose and go all redneck "HE HADA CHAIN Rayuff....HE HAD A CHAIN!!!" Anyways, I wanna have some fun with this and maybe for a change people can see a side of me that few do. Hope you enjoy the first column titled "THE ROAD TO SUPERMAN'S HOUSE!" which will be up in a few days..stay tuned you will be taken to the MAXX(TM)

Normally, this is the section of the page where credentials are written about the writer. But seeing as how he has few we'll list random stuff that sounds important. Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks). HMMM, what else? Did I mention the bridge? ....Yeah?....well that's it then!