Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meltzer Talks Christopher

----Dave Meltzer had the following things to say about Brian Christopher in the 7.06.09 Wrestling Observer Newsletter. I thought the first one was funny.

Vince McMahon noted that in five years, Long has done nothing as General Manager and put him on probation. Does that mean Long can visit Brian Lawler?

When WWE was in Memphis most recently, Lawler was at the show looking for work, saying he could be of benefit to the company because, due to his own real world experience, he would be able to see all the signs of wrestlers under the influence. The company didn’t bite on that offer. He had told people that he thought this was his last chance to get back to WWE. When the Jackson Sun reported on the arrest, they noted him largely as the son of Jerry Lawler, and mentioned “he is also a professional wrestler,” in a way of thinking that few would know who is was on his own and his newsworthiness was as Jerry’s son.

----I recently was told that Brian showed up at the WWE show in his gimmick pants. Someone also noted to me that he is pretty much homeless staying with people until they get tired of him. This is just really sad to me. A guy with all this talent wasting his life.